Some useful tips and tricks of Google Maps

1. Create a Multi-Stop Route
Google Maps used to only allow you to map out directions between two locations. Now, plan out a whole route in one go. When you input directions, click the plus sign directly under the directions to add another stop. Add as many as you want and plan the ultimate day, all in one sitting.

2. Check Out Upcoming Events
Whether going out in a new city or just exploring your own backyard, finding events can take a lot of digging. Google Maps makes it a little easier. When you select an event venue on the map, a list of upcoming events will appear. From there, purchase tickets or book passes to whatever you're interested in.

3. Visuals Without Pegman
We all love Pegman, the little feature-less figure users can plop down on a map to see the street view. This tool has some problems, though, for example when a truck blocks the entrance of a cafe.The new Google Maps kept Pegman but also added a photo carousel, so you can see photos of local areas and skylines. You can open the carousel by clicking the colored squares in the bottom-right corner. Some areas even include a photo "tour."

4. Save Mobile Maps for Offline Mode
It can be a pain to use Google Maps offline. It can take awhile to load and eats up a fair amount of data if you're not careful.If you want to access directions on the go, simply cache the map before starting your journey. To do so, search for the directions you need. Then in the search bar, type "Okay Maps" and search. This will save the map on the screen and help you access directions offline.

5. See Google's Recommendations
Not sure where to go or what to do? Unsure of the major tourist attractions in a new place? Let Google recommend some for you.By typing an asterisk into search, Google will select specific attractions in the viewable portion of the map. The selections include museums, restaurants, stores and other sightseeing locales for communities both large and small, even if it only highlights the local Chilis.

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