The best VPS hosting Australia in 2020

The Best VPS Hosting Australia in 2020

Are you getting more visitors daily? Or are your sales increasing steadily? Then this is a sign that your business is growing. Generally, when this happens, you should try adding more features and running more campaigns on your site. But if you are using shared hosting then you might need to deal with some problems. If you face the same situation, shared hosting may not offer you sufficient resources to handle the high traffic. If you require more resources and also more control over your hosting, it is better to upgrade your hosting plan. Hence, several people keep dedicated hosting as the next option. But this might be like taking a long jump from one hosting plan to other.

Have you heard about VPS hosting? In VPS hosting, you get the features of both shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is divided into two different parts Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting, there are a lot of best and most affordable Windows VPS Australia providers available in the market.

A Virtual Private Server is created on a single physical server in which you will receive more resources as compared to shared hosting.

Why VPS hosting is good?

Cost Effective: Since it is a mid-way solution in terms of both resources as well as money.

Complete Control: You have control over the operating system as well as complete access to files and resources.

High Availability: Since there are no physical components and if one server goes down then you can easily reboot on another physical server. This keeps your website always online

Dedicated Resources: Dedicated resources are allotted to each user which can’t be utilized by others.

Better Security: Your data is separately stored from other VPS users and so it is more secured than shared hosting.

After understanding the benefits of VPS hosting, let’s now take a look at the review of the best VPS hosting provider of Australia.


Started in 2012, MilesWeb was founded by three experts who wanted to offer hosting services that fill-up the space left by other providers. MilesWeb is the most affordable and Started in 2012, MilesWeb was founded by three experts who wanted to offer hosting services that fill-up the space left by other providers. MilesWeb is the most affordable and best web hosting Australia provider. They offer web hosting services such as shared, unlimited, VPS, dedicated, reseller, WordPress and cloud hosting. They use cutting edge technology to give the best performance and uptime. They also offer domain registration services. Exceptional customer support, high uptime and affordable plans are the things they are popular for.

VPS Hosting

MilesWeb offers three types of VPS hosting plans.

Managed VPS Hosting Powered by DigitalOcean

Their managed VPS hosting plans powered by DigitalOcean are divided in multiple sizes with several technical elements based on cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage.


  • Cloud Infrastructure: Their managed VPS hosting is based upon the cloud infrastructure.
  • Solid-State Drives: The SSDs helps to improve your website performance by using flash technology.
  • Free VPS Management: Your VPS server is deployed, optimized and managed by their team without paying any additional charges.
  • SSH and Root Access: You get completed control over your server environment.
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard: You can monitor memory usage, reboot VPS, check server load and manage other configurations of your VPS server via a simple and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Global Datacenters: You can select your preferred datacenter from several datacenters available.
  • Host Multiple Sites: You can host multiple website from a single VPS account.
  • Instant Provisioning: Your VPS account is setup immediately after the payment is confirmed.
  • No Setup Fee: You don’t need to pay any setup fee for your VPS account.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Their infrastructure is built in collaboration with several big companies such as Dell, HP, Supermicro and Cisco.

Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Finding it hard to manage your Windows VPS platform? MilesWeb Windows VPS hosting powered by AWS is completed managed by their team.


  • Amazon Cloud Platform: Their Windows VPS plans are based on Amazon cloud to offer the best performance.
  • 100% Dedicated Resources: You get resources which are only available for you to use. Other users can share the resources with you.
  • Full Administrator Access: You get the complete freedom to control your Windows VPS hosting activities.
  • Plesk Control Panel: You get a Plesk control panel for easy use and management of multiple websites, emails and databases.
  • Latest Technologies: Windows VPS comes pre-installed with latest ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, PHP and FrontPage Extensions.
  • Easy VPS Upgrades: Your VPS can be upgraded at anytime you want without the need of changing the IP address. They take care about your data while the upgradation is done.
  • Affordable Price: Their VPS hosting plans are the most affordable and ideal for webmasters that need full admin access over the website.
  • Powerful Hardware: Their servers are powered with strong hardware that offers best performance and reliability making it suitable for high traffic websites.

Bottom Line

You can see that MilesWeb VPS hosting offers all the features required by a growing website. Also, their hosting is based on cloud infrastructure that assures best uptime and performance. So, don’t waste your valuable time in finding a new web host. Instead sign up for MilesWeb VPS hosting and focus on your business growth.

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