Things to consider when buying computer monitors for programming

Things to Consider When Buying Computer Monitors for Programming

Thinking of becoming a software developer but in a fix which monitor should you buy? Forget your worries and read the article to get a clear idea of the monitors for programming.

Generally, we don’t have to think much about buying a monitor, but when the purpose is for programming, then you must look for a monitor having some extra features according to your working criteria.

However, in this article, we bring a guideline about a few things to consider when buying computer monitors for programming. So, let’s check them out !

Buying Computer Monitors for Programming

Many of us have a misconception that for programming, we only need to focus on our CPU parts. But it does have an impact on the monitor also. You must think about some extra features compared to the general one.

Here, we discuss the things to consider when buying computer monitors for programming. Before that, you have to decide what kind of programming you are going to do on that monitor. Whether it's for

  • Creating games
  • General coding & software developing
  • Web design

After knowing your working purpose, you must check

  • The display size
  • Display type
  • Accuracy of color
  • Viewing angle
  • Adjusting
  • Ports
  • Refreshing rate

Let’s explore the detailed views.

Check the Display Size Must

You will find different brands providing computer monitors for programming. But the minimum 22-inches display is the least one to choose for programming. With this size, you can easily do some general programming or even web designing.

But when it's for creating high definition gaming software and such software, you must look for a bigger size. You can choose from 30-inches to 44-inches or even more according to your working performances.

The bigger the size will be, the spaces for opening more windows at a time you will get. Most programmers prefer to have more than one display for fast working. So you can choose two 22 inches, or if you can afford more, then you can have one of the 44-inches.

Display Type & Resolution for Smooth Performance

Indeed you should look for LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) or LED(Light Emitting Diode) display, and among them, there is quite a variety of display types. You will find

  • IPS(In-Plane Switching) display
  • TN(Twisted Nematic) display
  • VA(Vertical Alignment) display

The IPS display is the best option for any programmer. It gives smooth performing and better visualization. This type of screen is the perfect one for programming of any kind.

TN displays provide a more refreshing rate, and the response rate is a little bit better than IPS display. But in terms of picture quality, it's not up to the mark. It will be the worst one for high performing coding, better for only general simple programming practices.

VA displays is a little backdated display, and so you must not think of it for any type of programming.


Resolution means the capacity of containing pixels per inch(PPI). Nowadays, the most popular and demanded resolution for any display is 1080P, which gives the resolution of 1920x1080. It provides HD image quality. Here, you can work with the codes of 2x80 characters at a time. So, preferable one it is!

But if you are working on high performing gaming software or video gaming programming, then you should go for the 4K of UHD( Ultra High Definition)display. It’s the updated version of the LCD of the modern age.

Again in 4K of any size monitor, you can find variations in resolutions such as the resolution of 2560x1600P and 3840x2160P. These two can provide better performance levels based on the monitor's external sizes. The higher the size will be, the more fitted the resolution can be.

But the remarkable benefit of 4K display is you can work with many screens at a time and run a program of 3x76 characters. So, for video game software and vast web developing working, you should go for a 4k UHD display.

Check Out the Accuracy of Color

Well, color accuracy is a must to check before buying a monitor, especially for programming, as a programmer only has to see the characters only with a black background mostly. So, if your display can’t provide better and accurate color, then it will not only stress your eyes but also lag in programming.

For a display with accurate color, you must look for an IPS display with good quality of vibrant color.

Viewing Angle

Sometimes, angle to view becomes very important for the programmers. Especially when you are working with a team, and everyone needs to have a glance at the monitor. So, look for a monitor with a wide-angle of view option.

And if you are not thinking about your budget then, you can look for a curved monitor for the best viewing angle option from any side with your programmer team.

Adjusting Option Also Needed

Well, a programmer has to work for a long time, and it can sometimes lead to any physical issues. So, if your monitor is adjustable, then you can adjust it anytime according to your comfort. However, coders need to have a look for both portrait and landscape view sometimes.

So, you can go for the option of a stand also. It will also help in rotation on any side. If you can afford more then, you can look for a second monitor with an oriented screen that is gaining much popularity for the programming.

Choose a Monitor with Several Ports

When it comes to network programming in C or Python that needs connecting two or more monitors and work together, you must look for a monitor with several cords or ports. It is much needed for programmers and make sure they are type-C port.

Again, many companies provide HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface), DVI( Digital Visual Interface), and VGA( Visual Graphics Array) cables with the monitor. Among these, the HDMI and VGA cable beat the others in the race.

Fast Refreshing Rate

Well, as a programmer, you must need a monitor with a fast refreshing rate and quick response. Otherwise, it will take time while running the programs.

If you choose a bigger monitor of a 4K screen, but it takes a lot of time to refresh then, it will be a waste of expenses. So, a minimum 60Hz refreshing rate is the least you should have.

Last Words

By reading the whole article carefully, you can have an overall knowledge of the things to consider when buying computer monitors for programming. Whether for web design, for general coding, or even high performing gaming applications, you will know and run your codes!!