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Tips for Writing an Essay on Digital Marketing and Programming

Tips for Writing an Essay on Digital Marketing and Programming

Were you given your first essay topic, and you suddenly had no idea what to do? Don’t worry, you are not the first to be stumped by essays. It is especially hard if it’s a new experience. And because you don’t know where to start, you procrastinate on the essay until the last minute.

However, that’s why you are here, right? To learn how you can write great essays? And we are going to be focusing on essays on digital marketing and programming.

Now that you are here, we will give you tips to help you with your essays. And if you are looking for expertly written essays on whichever topic you have, you can use

Now let’s start.

Plan It Out

This is going to sound cheesy but failing to plan is to plan to fail. That also applies to your digital marketing or programming essay. You will probably have a topic already, but what is the question? What are your sources? What is the format and style? Once you have figured out the answers to these questions, you create your outline.

First, you define your introduction, and basically, here you hook your reader and inform them of your topic. It would be great if you included a thesis statement. Also, included what you intend to do in the essay.

Second, gather your research together, tie it up, and include it in the body of the essay. Here you introduce your facts and logic. Your essay could be argumentative, persuasive, or informative, you will define that in the planning stage.

Finally, finish up with a conclusion to wrap things up. Your conclusion need not be long. Its purpose is to wrap things up but summarize your points and topic. It would be advisable to avoid introducing new information as you will find that you will leave the reader confused. Plus, it would be going off-topic. You can also give the implications of your analysis just so you leave the reader with something to think about.

Research Extensively

The next tip is never to start an essay without doing your research properly. When we say research, we mean you could consult reference books, online sources, and repositories for content close to your topic.

One hack we will give you is to have a note for every source you find and how it contributes to your essay. This way, when you write the first draft you will know where each source goes, and you will even be able to identify what is missing.

Researching well is one way of developing a convincing argument, or if your aim is to inform, you are able to give the reader good information. With good research backing your work, you will come off as confident and informed and more likely to influence or impress the reader.

Understand The Guidelines

One thing about essays is that the instructor will often have guidelines on what they expect. It is the question. Yet most students neglect this part.

The instructor might want you to show the process of something. Or to give examples of real-life events relating to programming or marketing. However, you will miss these instructions because you missed reading the guidelines. Do you really want to complete your essay only to realize you did the wrong thing?

Some of the information to check for is:

  • Topic - what is your topic? And if none is given, a subject surely will. It will be up to you to define your topic. Also, pick a topic that interests you. And it should not be too broad or too narrow.
  • Format and style - it is usual to see the instructor define how the essay should be structured. Common instructions are the font style, font size, and layout.

Manage Your Time

It is common to see student leave their essay writing to the end. And then quickly rush through it to meet the deadline. But do you know how this did not benefit you? You will have little time to craft an excellent essay. Your essay might end up looking a bit rough and undefined.

Additionally, your arguments might be underdone. You will also fail to notice that your paper needs more work and you will not have the time to correct that either.

Let’s also mention that your paper will have errors as you were not able to proofread it on time.

To avoid all this, manage your time adequately. We understand you have a lot of engagements in addition to writing your essays. So schedule a time to study, for extracurricular activities, and time to dedicate o your writing.


As you are writing your essay keep in mind that it is for a specific topic towards an audience that understands what you are talking about. So feel free to use the appropriate jargon for your essays.

Using industry-appropriate words make you seem knowledgeable and insightful.

Keep Your Essay Clear and Concise

In as much as your audience have some knowledge of your topic, it doesn’t mean that you neglect clarity and conciseness. It is important that you communicate through the essay well. Keep your arguments close to the topic as possible and avoid writing without a plan. Also, avoid introducing too much information as you might find that the argument changes often thus confusing the reader.

Consult Your Instructor

As mentioned before, you could be a beginner in writing essays. And the thought of writing anything is daunting for you.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot ask anyone that is including your colleagues and your instructor. Everyone in your class is a resource that can make things easy for you. Furthermore, your peers could help you fine-tune your topic and research by providing a different perspective. So it is always a good idea to discuss with your peers or just your instructor.


Remember those sources you found for your essay? You need to make a note of which you used as you might need to use them as citations.

Most academic essays require that you cite your sources. And your school will define the format to be used for all your papers. You might also want to familiarize yourself with the recommended citation format to earn the full grade for your paper. Some students get penalized for not knowing the correct format.

Additionally, you want to cite your work as it is considered an academic mistake to plagiarize. The penalty for such might be so extreme to the point of being discontinued from the class.


Can you imagine reading a programming essay that is full of grammatical errors? Tiring, right? Well, that shows you that it would be difficult for instructors to grade your paper favorably if all they could see were the errors. Plus, you will fail to assist the reader in understanding concepts.

You could have an excellent argument, but your paper will be rendered useless if no one can easily read it.

If you have trouble reading through your own work, ask a peer to help you out. Alternatively, you can use services such as GrammarCheck to point out the errors in your work.

Summing Up

And we are done! We have included all the tips to help you to write your essay on digital marketing or programming, and we know they will help you. Writing an essay shouldn’t be that hard now.

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