Tips to become a good programmer

Tips to become a good programmer

Computer programming give us freedom to create our own world. It is the most important part of the modern IT sector. In order to become a better programmer, you need to be really good at algorithms, data structure, designing using OOPS, multi-threading and programming concept like recursion, divide and conquer, prototyping, and unit testing. Programming is a combination of many skills, which means it's not possible to become a expert in quick time, rather it will come with time and experience, but that won't happen automatically. Here is the few tips to improve your programming skills -

1) Analyze problem properly and plan for best solution

Only way to solve a problem, you need to analyze the it properly. It can be a lot of things. Stated most simply, a problem is the difference between what is, and what might or should be. Take the time to write down what goals the end product needs to achieve, and who your user base will be. Gathering data from various source, and processing it to find best solution of the problem.

2) Coding

Coding is the central part of the programming. By doing coding, you will realize your mistakes in designing, error handling, threading and then go back to those respective skill to improve. Question your own assumptions and the assumptions of others. When someone else is reporting a problem you shouldn't repeat, go and see what they are doing. They may be doing something you never thought of or are doing something in a different order. Start with simple coding and move towards the complexity. Whenever you make a mistake, fix a bug, or run into a problem, try to really understand what happened, that can improve your coding skills. Studying the source code of other programmers is an excellent means of improving your own coding. Work your way through their code, step by step, working out the flow and what happens to the variables. Then try to write your own code to do the same thing.


3) Continues learning

There is huge difference between good code and bad code. Until you have seen a good code, and know why a particular code is good, you can not understand difference. This is where you need to improve your knowledge by learn from different source. Today, development gets distributed across the globe and there have lot of forums that help you to improve your coding and up to date about new techniques. Get to know the APIs, frameworks and libraries you use. Knowing how something works, that makes you know how to use it in better way. If they're open source, you're really in luck. Use the debugger to step through the code to see what's going on under the hood. You'll get to see code written and reviewed by some really smart people. Contributing on Open source code, especially from Apache, Google, Linux and some other projects is another way to improve your programming skill and become a better programmer. Since most of discussions happens between programmers, by listening them and understanding problem and their approach, solution and view, automatically develop good programming habits on you. Programming is not a stagnant discipline. Practice your programming skills in every aspect. There's always something new to learn, and perhaps more importantly always something old to relearn.

4) Always prepared for change

In a realistic working environment, user requirements change. Before start programming you need to create a way to change. You can take an active role in improving the process by presenting your documentation before beginning to code. This will help to ensure that what you are planning to create is actually what's been asked for.

Every programmer wants to become better programmer, but not every one succeeds. To become a better programmer, it requires lot of hard work, constant learning and perseverance. More you practice, more better you will become.

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