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Top 10 Online Alternatives to Photoshop

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Top 10 Online Alternatives to Photoshop

Searching for a great online alternative to Photoshop can become a real challenge. That’s because most of the available programs can’t perform even the simplest tasks, let alone deep picture enhancement of skin or removing objects. Having tested many different programs and apps, I am ready to share the best online Photoshop alternatives that are worth installing.

1. Pixlr



Free or $5


  • Layers and masks support
  • Deep image editing
  • RAW files support
  • Functionally extensible


  • Intrusive advertising
  • No batch processing

Pixlr is probably the best image editing software for beginners available for the browsers. Moreover, the image editor has all kinds of tools for design and drawing, which makes it more similar to Adobe Photoshop. There is a large selection of filters for experiments, layers and masks support for advanced picture editing. All brushes and other tools are customizable. There are quick keyboard shortcuts for commonly used parameters, such as levels and curves. You can find cloning and color swapping among the advanced tools. Despite its advantages, Pixlr is full of intrusive advertising. You can get rid of it by updating the picture editor to the premium version.

2. Polarr



Free or $3.99


  • Simple learning curve
  • Great set of tools for basic photo fixing
  • Drawing mode
  • RAW format support


  • 30% of functionality is not available for free
  • No 16-bit files support

This free online Photoshop alternative can give you deep control over photo effects and color correction with basic picture retouching capabilities. Its main tools include brightness adjustment, lens distortion, a stain remover brush, and other instruments for correcting facial imperfections in portraits.

Polarr’s drawing mode is worth mentioning. A separate interface with various tools has been developed for it. You can upload semi-finished drawings there, color them or draw from scratch.

Dozens of ready-made brushes are available here, but they cannot be installed in the free mode. In addition to the limited free content, you can notice the lack of 16-bit file support.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express




  • Easy-to-use
  • Suitable for deep work
  • Lots of color correction tools


  • No batch photo editing
  • No RAW files support

Photoshop Express is a free stripped-down version of Photoshop with equally effective picture retouching tools. All instruments are sorted logically.

You do not need to install any browser plugins. If you have a Flash player, just upload an image and get started.

You will have two modes for working with photos: Decorate and Edit. Edit has such tools as Resize, Crop, Touchup, Red-Eye, as well as main adjustments, for example, Sharpen, White Balance, etc. It also includes such effects as Pixelate, Crystalize, etc. The Decorate tab has some options for Frames, Bubbles, Text and many others.

However, you will have to put up with the lack of RAW file support. This Photoshop online alternative works only with JPG images smaller than 16 megapixels and no wider than 8191 pixels.

If you need more photo editing facilities, check out several ways of using Adobe Photoshop for free without torrents.

4. PicMonkey



Free or $7.99


  • Well-designed text tool
  • Built-in storage
  • Basic picture retouching tools


  • Weakly optimized
  • Most decorative stickers are available after subscription

PicMonkey is another simple and powerful online alternative to Photoshop. You can edit photos, store and sort files in the library, create various design projects, banners and logos here.

The text tool is one of the main photo editor’s strengths. There are hundreds of fonts in various styles that can be customized as you wish. Change the shade of the text using the color palette, apply some effects, make the text transparent imitating a watermark.

Built-in cloud storage called HUB will allow you to save and sort your photos in libraries in unlimited quantities.

Weak optimization is the main disadvantage of this Photoshop online alternative. PicMonkey freezes quite often when working with more than one photo.

5. Fotor



Free or $8.99


  • Advanced makeup tool for detailed picture retouching
  • Ability to create collages
  • RAW support


  • Registration required
  • Too expensive compared to competitors

Fotor is the best online Photoshop alternative for Insta lovers. It has some really unique tools. You can crop and rotate the photo, adjust contrast, sharpness, brightness, apply various effects, frames, stickers and more with its help.

However, these are not the only advantages of this photo editor. The provided “Makeup” tools are quite noteworthy.

You may perform very detailed and delicate work, for example, add or apply makeup to the face, whiten teeth, remove stains and change the shape of the face, narrowing it in the right places.

The main disadvantage is the limited functionality for unregistered users.

6. Photopea



Free or $5


  • PSD format support
  • The same hotkeys as in Photoshop
  • Masks and layers


  • The functionality of plugins cannot be expanded
  • No RAW format support

Photopea is developed on HTML 5, which means that it does not require any plug-ins. You can open this Photoshop online alternative in any modern browser, even on a smartphone.

The interface resembles Pixlr, but there are some slight differences in the top panel. It offers automatic conversion to the B&W format.

You will find a customizable set of brushes and tools for color correction, filters, layers, blending modes, and other settings for brightness, hue, saturation, blur and sharpness.

Advanced masks and layers will help you add text and banners. Users may adjust the transparency, creating a watermark, or apply interesting effects.

Unlike Pixlr, Photopea does not support additional plug-ins. You cannot extend the functional part of this photo editor.

7. Ribbet



Free or $4.95


  • Great auto tools
  • Many effects and filters
  • Tools for creating collages and drawing


  • More than 50% of the functionality is not available for free
  • No layers

Ribbet is free online Photoshop alternative with an intuitive interface and powerful toolkit. Although it does not have very advanced tools, the photo editor can offer the most frequently used functions.

Ribbet will allow you to perform classic image retouching operations, such as adjusting exposure, correcting red eyes, teeth whitening, removing small pimples, adjusting contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpness, etc. You can also add various filters and effects.

Aside from image editing, Ribbet has additional modules for creating collages, drawing on a blank canvas and creating postcards.

The main disadvantage of this program is that more than 50% of all functionality is not available for free.

8. Ipiccy





  • Completely free
  • Lots of collage making tools
  • Smart toolkit for portrait retouching


  • A small number of filters (they cannot be expanded)
  • Does not work with RAW files

Many users consider Ipiccy the best online Photoshop alternative due to the fact that it is absolutely free. You need to download Flash player to access the functionality of this web-based photo editor.

It has pretty good tools for working on portraits (applying makeup, removing wrinkles, etc.) and layers support. The program does not have a premium version. It means that the full set of filters and effects is available to all users.

Among the shortcomings, I would like to note quite a few useful filters and the incompatibility of the application with RAW files.

9. SumoPaint



Free or $4


  • Cloud storage
  • Suitable for basic picture editing
  • Works with RAW files


  • Inferior speed of work
  • Some tools require improvement

SumoPaint is a free online Photoshop alternative. It is quite simple and convenient, even for a novice user. The application contains a large number of tools for picture retouching and basic color correction.

Although it has limited capabilities compared to Photoshop, the program has similar fixed panels and the ability to select colors, add layers, apply numerous filters and effects to images, crop, adjust brightness, contrast and more.

Well-designed brushes are also worth mentioning. In addition to their wide selection, they are customizable. You can easily change the size, the intensity of the effect and texture.

Compared to other photo editors, SumoPaint’s speed of work is significantly inferior. This is especially noticeable when working with brushes.

10. PiZapPiZap


Free or $2.50


  • Great section of tools for portrait retouching
  • Does not require Flash player


  • Intrusive advertising
  • Half of the tools are not available for free

PiZap is an intuitive web-based app and a good Photoshop online alternative. It is capable of performing basic color correction and picture editing very quickly.

The application has Flash and HTML5 versions. It means that you may use it on different devices, such as your PC, tablet or laptop. PiZap provides lots of original stickers and interesting visual effects that are available to users with a paid version.

The Touch UP section is similar to Fotor’s one. There are 15 tools with automatic or manual changes. Spray Tan, Blemish Fix, Teeth Whiten, Shine Reduce, Eye Tint, Hair Color, Lip Tint are some of the tools available in this section.

However, half of them work only in the premium version. The other ones require a paid subscription. Moreover, PiZap does not work with RAW files and does not support images larger than 10 megabytes.

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