Top 5 forums for programmers

Top 5 forums for programmers

If you are a programmer and when you face a problem where do you go? Either you ask your teacher or colleague or search online. Some programmer gets stuck for a long time for solving a small problem, which already solved by many geniuses out there.

There are lots of online forums, where you will find your solutions. Actually, forums are the place where everyone share their problems and also share solutions of the problems.

If you practice programming or developing a software, then you defiantly find lot's of problem. This top 5 forums will help you to solve any kind of problem. So, let's find them.

#5 DaniWeb - DaniWeb is one of the popular forum for giving quality solution. They have more than millions of members increasing every year. You can ask your questions in different categories, like: programming, mobile development, game development, internet marketing and so on.

#4 XDA Developers - XDA Developers Forum is much popular than any other in the field of mobile application development. You will find all kinds of experts on Android and Windows phones. Now, experts also exist for Ubuntu and Firefox Mobile OS. XDA. Over 4 million members and 1 million threads helping other developers.

#3 Bytes - Bytes is a traditional community of novices and experts. Earlier it was called as TheScripts. Besides the language support, they have a special topic for Algorithms. Experts for C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, MySQL, Oracle, VB.NET, Javascript, DHTML, Java, HTML, CSS and lots more.

#2 Code Project - Code Project is the second-most popular site for programming knowledge. More than 10 million members have joined and shared millions of lines of code examples, which are freely accessible through their forum system. You can also download the code from this website.

#1 Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow is the biggest and most visited forum in the world for solving programming problems. Programmers are active almost all-time. Most of the beginners and experts had created threads on Stack Overflow, which is really helpful and most of the problem were solved and members are also allowed to rate vote for best answers.

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