Top 5 Security Technology Trends You Should Be Aware Of In 2022

Top 5 Security Technology Trends You Should Be Aware Of In 2022

Cybersecurity or Internet security technology is as old as the Internet itself. As more information than ever is stored on servers around the world, the need to protect that data seems to be more important than ever. With the infamous Anonymous attacks in the 2000s and 2010s still lurking in the background of the current cybersecurity trends, constant developments in the field and improvements are needed to protect both you and your information. So, let’s consider the top 5 security technology trends in 2022.

Top 5 Security Technology Trends

Cyber attacks can come out of nowhere and cause significant financial damage. Far from the era of simply pinging websites until their servers force-shut them, cyberattacks in the present are quieter and less overt. Often taking months to plan and execute, cyberattacks often pinpoint weaknesses in security measures and firewalls and offer valuable insights into where cybersecurity should be heading in the upcoming months/years. Here are the top cybersecurity measures:

  1. Cybersecurity SaaS,
  2. Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication,
  3. Geo-Targeting Protection,
  4. Growth of IoT Security Risks and Protection, and
  5. Growing Ransomware Protection.

Cybersecurity Saas

Cybersecurity is slowly moving to the SaaS business model - Software as a Service. This way, the end-customer gets constant updates and is sure to always have up-to-date protection for their servers and all the information stored on them. If you would like to learn more, you can contact ProEssaysService professional writing company and order a paper on SaaS in Cybersecurity. Their research abilities are outstanding and match high-level publication quality.

Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication

A single password does not cut it anymore. Most banks are switching to remote temporary password delivery and biometrics as a two-pass or two-factor security, meant to be available for your eyes only. Multi-factor authentication does not refer to 3+ steps in authorizing access but rather to a variety of authentication steps that differ every time you log into a website.

Geo-Targeting Protection

IoT and geo-based services store volumes of information that can be parsed and misused. These practices include localized email and website schemes, as well as substituting the real deal with the phishing website, which is meant to draw as much information (and funds) from you. Geo-targeting protection involves setting up a VPN-like service where your geo-location remains unknown. Usually, it is internet providers who hide or mask your IP on their own.

Growth of IoT Security Risks and Protection

IoT security issues are numerous and difficult to detect. With every household having at least one smart, microphone-enabled device in their house, the volume of information that can be gathered and used against the end-user is almost limitless. Similar to the Alexa fiasco from a few years back, this kind of attack listens in for sensitive information.

Growing Ransomware Protection

As the name itself says, ransomware demands some ransom money to release files it takes hostage after your device becomes infected with a specific piece of software. Both individuals and companies are at risk of falling victim to these schemes. Protection is difficult, but simply paying to have your files unlocked does not cut it - once the payment has been made, there is no proof that your files will get back to you.

Not only companies and individuals are under attack here. With the recent educational technology trends, it has become clear that academic material can be held hostage as well. As there is a lot of money in education, it is necessary to secure these materials and months of research and writing.

Security camera

Final Considerations

Cybersecurity issues are persistent, long-term, and can cost a lot of money to resolve. For this reason, knowing which measures you can take to protect both yourself and your data is necessary. Here, we’ve outlined the top 5 security technology trends that can make your life easier and reduce a few headaches here and there.

Joanne Elliot

Joanne Elliot is a Python developer who takes a special interest in cybersecurity. As she is aware of all the privacy issues present on the Internet today, she would love to see the Internet as a much safer space. When not concerned with her own job and hobbies, she likes reading and having long, relaxing walks.