Top 5 mobile app development platforms

Top 5 mobile app development platforms

There are three types of systems used for which applications are made such as iOS, Android and windows. Many app development platforms are developed through which mobile apps are made. These platforms offer a range of tools ,features and services to developers. Software developers utilize these services to create, test, and deploy mobile apps more efficiently and effectively. You can create creative apps using flutter app development.

Advantage of using mobile app development platforms

  • It creates an ease in mobile app development as it provides a user friendly interface. It has prebuilt features that can simplify the development process.
  • A single code base can be used for many mobile operating systems.
  • Many app development platforms provide an integration of cloud based services and tools. Developers do not have to deal with outside servers and infrastructure.
  • App development platforms provide a wide range of testing and debugging tools and services. This ensures that the software is of good quality and works effectively across a variety of devices and operating systems.A google based framework flutter app development service provides a high quality app.

App development platforms


This platform uses programming language C# and .NET for building iOS, Android and window apps. It includes visual designer tools and debugging tools. Cloud based services such as Azure are also linked with this app development framework.

It is a crucial feature of Xamarin that allows developers to reuse code across various platforms. Which saves time and resources but needs an advanced level of programming knowledge.


Google created a flutter app which is an open source mobile app development platform. It also provides the facility of using a single codebase for building apps for android, ios and web. It offers many tools and features for creating visually appealing and responsive apps. There are lots of features in Flutter but one of the best ones is Hot Reload Feature which allows developers to make changes in code and see results in real-time thus saving time and effort. flutter app development can create many interactive and productive apps for users.

Flutter not only provides a front end service but also consists of tools and services for building the backend of an app. Flutter can be used for user authentication, data storage and push notifications. The only limitation of flutter is it is not suited for making complex graphics and animations apps for some other platform.


This open source mobile app development uses languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript that allow developers to make apps for cross platform. It consists of various plugins and APIs for accessing native devices features such as camera, storage ,GPS permission access.

Cordova includes support for continuous integration and delivery of apps. It provides a range of tools and services for building and deploying apps. There is one limitation of cordova is non-optimizing for each operating system. It does not provide a smooth user experience as compared to other platforms.


It is also used for making cross platform apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. It provides a set of tools and services for building visually appealing and responsive apps. This open source platform supports various UI components and layout for app designing. A flutter app development provides tools and services for developing apps.


Unity is known for building cross platform mobile apps. It is used for creating games and interactive content. Unity is a comprehensive collection of software solutions for creating 2D and 3D content in real time. Therefore it is the best platform known for creating gaming applications.

It has a set of tools and services for creating ,testing and deploying apps. It also provides backend services and integration with other tools and services. One limitation of unity is that it is a performance intensive platform and apps or games malfunction or does not work in older devices.

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