The ultimate guide – Top 7 websites for free online education

The ultimate guide – Top 7 websites for free online education

With easy access to the internet, learning online has become a normal way to learn a skill or improve it. Now you do not have to spend a particular time to get an education in a physical institute. Education in the current scenario is only a couple of clicks ahead.

This liberty has brought up a great revolution and the world is now enjoying the most talented and up-to-date manpower in almost every field. But are all the platforms available online providing an excellent education is always a burning question.

The worst choice can waste your energy and time as you won’t get the expected results. Finding the best platform is always a tough task to do when you do not have much knowledge about it. Don’t worry, we are here to solve this issue by creating the list of top 7 websites for free online education.

Top 7 Websites for online education

This list of free websites for online education is created on the basis of the best content, method of teaching, and how easily a person can get them. In short, you can start learning from any of these platforms easily even if you are not highly qualified.

1. Khan Academy

The platform that we found the best is Khan Academy. This non-profit website is providing free education to the student of all levels, from kindergarten to professional level.

The best thing about this online platform is that it does not provide you lessons in written format but you can find lectures and solve exercises for practice. The motto of Khan Academy is "to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere".

On the main page, you will find different categories such as reading and language arts, economics, life skills, mathematics, science, etc. You can select any course from the list that you want to learn and make it a way to earn.

There is no need to wait for new badges, entry tests, and other stuff like this in the physical institute. You can also prepare for tests and exams through this platform. Yes, it will enable you to be ready to upgrade your educational career by switching to a high-class institute.

2. Coursera

With a registered number of over 35 million learners, Coursera is among the world’s largest online education providing platforms. The platform is reliable enough that it is now collaborating with more than 275 leading universities and companies in the world.

On this advanced platform, you can find more than 2700 different courses and 250 specializations as well as four-degree classes. The short courses available on this platform are mostly free. You do not need to worry about pricing and registration fee before starting your course here.

Anyhow, the specializations and degrees are paid and it would cost handsomely. If you just want to add more expertise to your present skill by doing short courses or even want to learn a new skill, the website is a perfect to browse and learn.

Grab the opportunity and chose the course wisely to start learning and be a better person in a particular field. Coursera also provides certificates at the end of the course which will be really helpful for you in your professional life.

3. EDX

In order to remove the three major barriers of learning that are cost, location, and access, EDX is founded by Harvard and MIT. This non-profit online learning platform has more than 20 million registered learners from all over the world.

EDX is offering more than 2400 different courses to make the world more trained, efficient, and skillful in every field of life. These courses are recorded by the top groups from the top universities of the world.

This platform vibes more professional than any other online learning platform. So if you want to be the best in your particular field, there is no better choice other than EDX for you. Every category has hundreds of courses recorded by the best in that field. EDX also provides some pro courses at a very low cost.

4. FreeCourseSite

With the slogan "Being Smart is Great", FreeCourseSite is being great by making people very smart. The platform is loaded with hundreds of worthy short courses on every professional field of life.

No matter you want to learn coding, freelancing, or game development, or you want to be a bit more aware of literature, FreeCourseSite always has solutions for you. Every course is listed in a particular category so you do not get confused and find your desired course in a very short time.

5. MIT Open Course Ware

MIT Open Course Ware is providing course notes, home assignments, tests, and solved exercises from the actual courses learned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If you want to learn about science, computer science, or engineering, then there is no better choice than learning from MIT Open Course Ware. The reason is MIT itself is among the world’s best universities in these particular subjects.

6. TED-Ed

TED’s award-winning youth and education platform TED-Ed is not only the best platform for learners and teachers, but also for parents. The platform also provides carries consultancy to the parents so that they may be able to choose a better field to make their kid’s future bright.

Ted-Ed has a team of over 250000 teachers from across the world to teach teachers and students in a similar way. The courses available on this platform are worthy and perfect. This platform also provides the teachers a space where they can record innovative lectures using original animated videos and other stuff.

7. Code academy

If you are interested in coding and want to be perfect in this field, then you must learn through Code academy courses. The platform focuses only on coding and providing high-quality content in terms of different short courses.

You can code like a pro in only 11 hours if you learn from Code academy. The platform has more than 45 million registered learners today.


There are hundreds of online learning platforms available on the internet that are providing with different courses.

Above mention platforms are worthy and renowned worldwide which are providing the best Free Tutorials. Some of them are perfect in some particular fields while some are the best for eerie fields.

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