Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10

Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10

Method 1: Using Metered Connection

Step 1: Launch the Windows 10 Settings application (Windows key + I).
Step 2: Now click Network & Internet.
Step 3: Click Advanced options which appears below the list of Wi-Fi networks so you may have to scroll down a bit.
Step 4: Toggle the Set as metered connection switch to On. It is important to understand that this option will only affect the network you're currently connected to, and that Windows will remember the setting.

Method 2: Using Microsoft's Tool

Step 1: Download the 'Show or hide updates' tool from Microsoft.
Step 2: When downloaded, run the Show or hide updates tool. The tool will automatically search for available updates and allow them to be hidden. This essentially prevents Windows Update from downloading updates for that package in the future.
Step 3: If required, run the tool again and unhide the previously hidden updates to ensure that they come through.

Method 3: Using Group Policy Editor

Step 1: Press Windows key + R to gain access to the Run dialog.
Step 2: To gain access to the Group Policy Editor, type the following command into the Run dialog box: gpedit.msc and press Enter.
Step 3: Navigate to the following directory:

Computer -> Configuration Administrative -> Templates Windows -> Components Windows Update.
Step 4: Locate and highlight the Configure Automatic Updates setting in the right hand panel. Double-click to enter.
Step 5: Set the configuration to Enabled on the left-hand side and then choose your own options from the drop-down list under the Options header. For example you can instruct Windows 10 to Notify for download and notify for install when dealing with updates.