Underrated Comic Book Movies You Cannot Miss Out

Underrated Comic Book Movies You Cannot Miss Out

Comic book movies are always fun to watch. With the show of mystical powers, it is an easy way to escape reality. However, we have always only heard about the leading comics such as Justice League, or Avengers, and also engaged the most in their films. Today, we will be uncovering some of the hidden comic book movie gems that you might have missed out on.

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So, now that you know how to watch these movies, let’s dive into these underrated gems.

1. Watchmen

Today we all know Zack Snyder, for his big-budget Justice League Snyder cut. It undoubtedly is one of the longest yet well-constructed movies we have all watched. Zack has been in association with the DC for a long time now and one of his best works with them was his first release with them ‘Watchmen’. Watchmen has one of the darkest storylines as it comes from DC’s productions. It involves a lot of known and influential characters from the DC universe, like doctor Manhattan, Nite Owl, Rorschach, and many more. Just like any other Snyder film, this movie is filled with slow-motion shots and is extremely lengthy. Watchmen is one of those rare superhero movies where the villain stands tall at the end. However, despite its dark storyline and some cool characters the movie was not quite appreciated after its release. It is safe to say that the movie was not era-appropriate as it is now being appreciated and discovered by many recent fans.

2. Kickass

The movie serves the genre of action-comedy and has had very mixed reviews but it is surely something you should watch yourself.

A comic book nerd Dave Lizewski, questions if you need a superpower to be a superhero, and to find out the answer he puts on a suit. After a sensational beating, he discovers his only superpower to be a skeleton jot together with metal braces and a damaged never that lessens the pain. However, his efforts did not go in vain later on more heroes emerged alongside which came a horrifying villain who decides to take out the heroes for interfering in his drug business. Later on, everything comes to an insane action-packed showdown. Kickass is a lot of fun with extreme violence, intense language, and a reckless attitude in the movie. Director Matthew Vaughn tried keeping the balance between humor and violence. Overall kickass may be released ahead of its time now that movies like Deadpool with tight action and dark humor are being highly praised, kickass would have had a fair shot towards success as well.

3. Logan

Released in 2017 Logan is the last movie of one of the longest-running comic book movie franchises the X men. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart start in and as Logan/ Wolverine and professor X. It was the ultimate finale of the long list of X-men movies. The movie had an emotional touch to it as it gave Logan a role of a father figure. Logan and Charles are living a quiet life meanwhile a young mutated kid seeks out their help because she is being pursued by a team of dangerous scientists. Logan and Charles take up the task to save the kid from the attackers. As the movie progresses both the leads grew fond of the kid who earlier was taken up as just another job.
Unfortunately, the movie closes up with the death of both Logan and Charles. Many fans have cited the portrayal of Professor X by Patrick Stewart as one of the best adaptations of the role. This perfect directive of James Mangold has certainly won many hearts however many thought that Logan had much more to do with the franchise or was killed too soon. Moreover, the movie did not receive the praise it deserved and now is one of the most underrated comic book movies of all time as fans all around the world are rediscovering this masterpiece.

4. Super

James Gun is one of the biggest directors in superhero movies. Before directing one of the biggest comic book-inspired movies like Avengers Infinity War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1,2, and many more. Before all these Gunn got directed one of the most underrated comic book movies of all time “The Super” released in 2011 was another action-packed deeply traumatizing comic book movie.

Chef Frank a loving husband who’s one of the best days in his life was getting married to his wife Sarah. Sarah, unfortunately, dumps Franks for a drug dealer and his entire life is crushed. As traumatized as he is, he decided to wear a red uniform and wields a wrench as his chosen weapon, and decides to fight crime by the name of Crimson Bolt. Later on, he finds himself a sidekick and plans to take back Sarah from the grip of crime. The overall movie is dark and has a good storyline with good character development.

5. Spawn

Released in 1997 this apocalyptic horror comic book movie runs for 96 minutes and is directed by Mark A.Z Dieppe. The story is based on Todd McFarlane’s comic book character. Jason Wynn has made a deal with the devil to help him expedite an early Armageddon. As per the devil’s instructions, Wynn murders his best assassin Simmons and delivers him to the devil. Simmons is sent back to the devil as Spawn. A guy with a really bad attitude, a changeable suit, and possessed superpowers.

The violence in the movie is nonstop. Supernatural creatures try to fight each other. The movie contains some horrifying visuals that’s probably the reason why it is mostly considered a horror movie. Spawn suffered a lot at the hands of critics and did not do well at the box office or viewers; it was rather confusing for them. However, the movie is now being discovered by many comic book fans and is considered quite adequate for its time.


We are sure that you are going to love these underrated comic book movies and might also regret not watching them sooner.

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