What Are the Best Outsourcing Companies in Eastern Europe?

What Are the Best Outsourcing Companies in Eastern Europe?

Outsourcing is a popular way of procuring the software developers you need to complete your project at a fraction of the cost of US or Western European companies. If you have an IT project in progress, you should look no further than the many excellent outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe.

Despite the political instability experienced in early 2022, software engineers are still working and delivering projects on time and within scope. Eastern Europe software development standards are extremely high; developers are proficient in English, and rates are highly affordable.

Let’s look at some of the top Eastern Europe software outsourcing companies you should consider.

Top Outsourcing Companies in Eastern Europe


ScienceSoft has been active for more than 30 years. Based in the Ukraine, most of their clients are internationally based, particularly in the USA. They have 700+ developers on their books and as well as a robust network of international partners.


Itransition has been around for 20 years and can handle a variety of software projects. They are located in Kyiv and specialize in custom software development, software product development, and more.

Future Processing

Future Processing is located in Poland, and like Itransition, they’ve been in business for nearly two decades. They’re focused on offering support and maintenance but can also be adept at building dedicated development teams.


SCAND is located in Belarus and was founded in 2000. They can tailor-make solutions for customers across a range of industries and have built several unique and popular software solutions, including PubTyper and Flowrigami. They specialize in the blockchain, education, and logistics.


GBKSOFT has its headquarters in Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. They are part of Altmira AI and have been in business for ten years. They deliver IT solutions to businesses in the real estate industry, as well as manufacturing, banking, healthcare, fitness, and sport. GBKSOFT can build native and hybrid mobile apps, work with machine learning and AI, virtual and augmented reality, and can deliver solutions for SaaS businesses. GBKSOFT can use a diverse tech stack, as required.


Located in Poland, this company offers a variety of services, including custom product development. They serve many industries, including the FinTech, Education, and eCommerce space. Some of their biggest clients work in the automotive industry, including Toshiba, Volkswagen, and more.

The Software House

The Software House is also based in Poland and focuses on mobile app development. Their software developers are skilled in some of the newer programming languages, including Node.js, React.js, Vue, Symfony, and Laravel. They have a great product rating on Clutch, counting in their favor.

XB Software

If you are thinking of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe, the name XB Software may come up. They are a full-cycle development company specializing in web and mobile app development. They’ve developed their own JavaScript library named Webix and can create complex ERP solutions and fleet management for their clients.


SumatoSoft is based in Belarus and has worked with companies like Toyota, Evolv, and Nectarin on mobile and web applications. They offer full end-to-end solutions, built in the latest programming languages and using modern frameworks.


Now that you’ve seen our list of the top outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe, all you have to do is pick up the phone and enjoy access to expert, affordable services and specialists that can complete your project within budget and scope.