What Is Digital Signage: 5 Key Benefits It Can Bring to Your Business!

What Is Digital Signage: 5 Key Benefits It Can Bring to Your Business!

More and more businesses are using digital signs to advertise and communicate, and this trend will only continue to grow. By 2023, MarketWatch predicts that the digital signage industry will top $23 billion. So, what about digital signage that has made it so popular? Quite simply, this is a proven method that works.

Innumerable studies have shown the many advantages of digital displays for organizations throughout the globe, from improved earnings to better levels of customer and visitor engagement. According to a study, digital displays grab 400% more views than static displays, and digitally transmitted content has an incredible 83% retention rate.
However, of all the advantages of digital signage, these five stand out as having a significant influence, generating outcomes and reshaping businesses.

1. Grabbing attention

The most obvious advantage of digital signage for companies is that it draws attention. Ad-blindness has become a problem for today's customers, who can readily disregard other forms of advertising and media. There is nothing more visually appealing than digital signage. Consequently, pedestrians are more likely to stop and look at your signage, particularly if it is near your store's entrance.

Ensure that the information you display on your digital signage is distinctive, interesting, and amusing to get the most out of it. In addition, you want to ensure that your signage is placed in locations where people will notice it. If you put the sign in front of your store's entrance, passersby will be drawn in and more likely to make a purchase. If you are advertising a significant discount or a one-of-a-kind shopping event, you will want to put up a lot of signs.
Furthermore, the brilliant colors and animation of digital signage make them more appealing to the eye. Video advertisements have a far higher chance of being seen by passersby than a static sign in your store's window.

2. Improved targeting with automation

Digital signage software such as LOOK DS allows you to automate a slew of content management and distribution tasks that would otherwise be impractical. Based on the CMS platform's criteria, digital signage enables you to send a specific message at a particular time to a specific audience in an exact location at a specific time.

Restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops that automatically change their menu board depending on the time of day are good examples of automated digital signage. However, with face recognition technology and a user's comprehensive history combined, digital signage automation may reach potentially disturbing levels of intricacy. With automation, it is possible to do anything, from hyper-target your neighbor based on their buying habits to just showing a lunch menu around noon.

3. Better satisfaction

You can significantly improve your consumers' entire experience by using digital signage. According to a Digital Signage Today article, customer satisfaction is 46% better for consumers who engage with digital signage. Part of this is probably definitely due to the 35% reduction in perceived wait time, which is one of the most delicate things you can do to enhance the customer experience. These are the kinds of changes that may help clients stay loyal to a company.

4. Feedback

A firm that uses digital signs to solicit customer feedback and testimonials may expect many of them! It is no longer unusual to see interactive touch displays at retail establishments' exits and checkout counters. To get the most out of your surveys, ensure they are simple to comprehend and fast to complete.

You may use feedback to ensure you are on the right track and don't need to make any significant changes to your strategy. You can only hope for such a response; receiving it would be fantastic. If the feedback is anything but positive, you will know what needs to be improved. You may distribute feedback surveys using interactive touchscreens or QR codes that lead consumers online.

5. Better perceived waiting time

Waiting consumers might benefit from digital signage that keeps them interested and engaged. It is possible to provide more extensive information about your product or service, such as how it operates or what benefits the customer. Ensure that the content you are putting out is relevant and exciting to your audience. A combination of entertaining and educational information may hold people's attention.

Thanks to digital signage, firms can learn which message to transmit, where, at what time, and in front of whom. Consequently, the company makes more money and has a better relationship with its clients. Without digital signage software, achieving these objectives would be far more complex.

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