What is DirectX and why it is necessary for windows graphics?

What is DirectX and why it is necessary for windows graphics?


DirectX is an API (application program interface) which acts as the intermediate for handling various tasks that is related to the multimedia and the games in Microsoft's Windows. It is introduced by the Microsoft for the users to provideupdates to the computer memory to provide them excellent and the fastspeed for performing various multi-media and games operations on anypersonal computer.

DirectX is part of Microsoft's larger vision of an object-oriented development environment. For example, a sprite is created as an instance of a sprite class. Developers can also take advantage of Microsoft's set of prepackaged routines or small programs that are part of the Microsoft Foundation Class Library.

DirectX is designed so that some functions can be performed on a graphics accelerator card, freeing the microprocessor for other work. The accelerator manufacturer provides a driver especially for DirectX.

DirectX consists of five components:

  1. DirectDraw, an interface that lets you define two-dimensional images, specify textures and manage double buffers
  2. DirectInput, an interface for input from I/O devices
  3. DirectPlay, a plug-in for end users, is also used by developers to test their application
  4. DirectSound, an interface for integrating and coordinating sound with the images
  5. Direct3D, an interface for creating three-dimensional images

Advantages of DirectX

  • The 3 Dimensional applications which are provided by the DirectX are used with it for the development of the video games, as most of the software applications that require the visualization and graphics for the operation of CAD/CAM is also used interchangeably.
  • It also provides the video memory manager that is used in the memory for the display purpose which is supported by the virtualizing graphics hardware.
  • It also had a strong hand on the security and performance of the computer. As it also provides the updates which will provide the latest updates for the windows security system and the memory management schemes using the DirectX applications.

Disadvantage of DirectX

  • The problem occurs with the DirectX is that, in case we want to uninstall the DirectX software from the window environment then it doesn’t allow the user to uninstall it from your computer.
  • Instead of this some DirectX versions even not allows the users to work with the internet connection during the installation phase and in case you want to install the DirectX then switch off the connection of the internet and then looking for the reinstallation of the software.
  • The testing of the DirectX is very difficult, it was initially very difficult to test whether the DirectX is compatible with the hardware or software devices or not.

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