Why custom web design is more important than ready made theme?

Custom web design and its benifits

Most of the people are looking for a way to efficiently use the unlimited potential of the world wide web for self and professional growth without spending too much time on its maintenance and studying how to operate with web dashboards or write code. So, the solution is Custom website design. With custom website design, all the features of the website like colors, layouts of the web pages, transitions and scrolling animation, call-to-action elements, responsive adaptation and many other design aspects will be custom created, tested and coded specifically for the requirements of the particular website and its target audience. There are lots of benefits to Customise your website rather than choosing the ready-made theme. Here, we are going to highlight some advantages of custom website design that will help you know all the sides and hidden factors and will be much easier for you to choose the ready-made theme or get your custom website. Before that let’s take a little concept of custom website design and web theme to understand the difference better between them. So, let’s start it -

What is custom website design?

A custom design requires a larger investment both in time and finances, but allows for a very high level of design and functionality input and delivers a bespoke end result that gives a business credibility and sets it apart from its competition. The approach takes with a custom website design project is very different from the ready-made theme approach. From the outset, a team of web designers, developers, digital marketers, and copywriters work with you to develop your ideas and your vision. The architects who design and then develop your dream website from scratch. Changing colours and fonts and adding a company logo is generally the extent of customisation allowed for.

What is a ready-made theme?

A ready-made theme is a simple, low-cost ‘off the shelf’ option for budget-conscious businesses that offers a predefined one-size-fits-all visual design and interactive layout. Sometimes it called pre-made or template. You may have noticed that a lot of websites these days have a very similar look. Ready-made themes are created by 3rd party theme developers. The look and feel of a ready-made theme, such as  When looking at ready-made themes the rule of thumb is that everything you see in terms of layout, transitions, and animations will remain the same and its only your company colours, fonts and logo and content (copy and images) that will be added to personalise it.

Advantages of custom website design

Custom website design has numerous advantages which a website can bring to personal and business development. Custom website design improves your website and tailors it to fit your specific needs. No one will mistake your website for a competitor’s website because it’s completely unique to you.

Full customisation possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you custom-build your website. Starting with zero lines of code, you’re able to customize more than just the look of your website. Here we’re talking about fully custom functionality that checks off every box on your must-have list.

More adaptable

Custom web design is more flexible and gives you more creative freedom. It’s great for websites that need more complex functionality. If you want to include quite a few bells-and-whistles to your new website, custom web design is your best option. Peace-of-mind comes with knowing you’ve strategically built your website now so you don’t feel the urge to update it every few months.

More unique

Custom made templates will always ensure all needs of your business, as well as customers, are matched in a perfect manner. Because every element on the custom theme is picked as per your specifications, you will have a great looking and unique design that none of your competitors will have.

Bespoke design

A website will always convert a sale or lead more successfully if a good design team has spent time considering every aspect of a business or service, as well as their offering, to tailor a website design that suits it properly.

SEO friendly and more control

With strict Google algorithms, it is very important to optimize your website for best SEO. A custom coded design with all the SEO standard will ensure your website ranks on top in search engine against your competitors. You can always control the way your website functions, the way it looks, little tweaks here and there, etc. While in case of pre-made template you will never know if it has been coded well with all the Google standards for best SEO or not. And if not, You would need to hire ecommerce SEO service provider to make all required changes on your template to make it SEO friendly.

Visitors dare about custom design

Custom theme design is easy to recognize and for this reason, it has a lasting impression on the visitors. You can welcome your visitors with a custom design matching with your business. Or it will be more appropriate to say that you can visitors the treatment they expect from your site. The custom design could work like your business logo. Targeted customers can easily find and recognize your site from its custom design. But it is difficult to recognize a template based site as it looks similar to its competitors.

Can sell more

Custom design is produced keeping needs of business and expectations of targeted visitors in mind. It supports activities of users and sells more by keeping the visitors engaged for a long time. You can produce a great design after auditing customer websites and analyzing the competition. You can discuss your design with your experienced web designer and in this way get a customized theme matching 100% with your needs. Eye catchy and fully functional custom design can attract the attention of targeted customers and provide content in an interesting manner. Overwhelmed by the welcome gesture of a custom design and the pleasing manner of content presentation, the visitors will find the site reliable and want to business with the website.

Disadvantages of ready-made theme

Ready-made themes aren’t as flexible

Ready-made themes are often built to save you from a CSS or an HTML a headache. It creates a framework to put your website content into which acts as a “plug-and-play” option. Because of this, ready-made themes aren’t as flexible as custom design. If flexibility is your top concern, the custom design may be the better option.

Similarity with other websites

Your site may look like everyone else’s. Skilled designers can minimize this problem with the creative use of graphics and customization within the template, but the most popular themes have been downloaded thousands of times.

Limitation in graphics design and navigation capability

A significant degree of customization is possible in templates, especially the more expensive ones, but you are largely stuck with the parameters of the template for your graphic design and navigation. This can be simple design parameters, like limited choices in icons, or more serious issues like the inability to have a function you want in the way that you’d like it to work.

Most of the themes are used by other businesses

One of the downsides of using a web theme is knowing that it’s used by other businesses. With visual branding and unique website content, we can drastically change the look of your website so it’s different than other businesses using a similar web theme.

Achieving a responsive website

It is a tricky task with a readymade template when you are looking to customize it to achieve desired look and feel. Since the template developers might have used the different coding methodology, your developers may find it difficult to make all the sections 100% mobile responsive while adding any custom functionality.

Persecute you

The disadvantage that will always persecute you, no matter what ready-made theme you choose - a limited possibility of customization. In most cases, you will have to stay within the bounds set by the author of the theme and configure only simple things like color, fonts, and images.

Security can be an issue

People who enjoy writing malicious code find template websites especially tempting, because they represent the opportunity to hack multiple sites at once. Developers will sometimes customize a template site using plugins which is a bit of code that adds a particular functionality in an attempt to improve security in particular, but unless your developer really knows what he/she is doing, this can actually make the problem worse. In addition, if you choose a template that isn’t regularly updated to keep up, your site will become more vulnerable to hackers.


The selection of custom vs ready-made website depends on nature of your business and long-term business goals. Maintaining a good reputation with your client is a big deal. So, building a website that outranks your competition, attract more customer and generate sales. Before you make any opinion on a custom design, you should approach an experienced web designer and discuss your needs with the designer. You can share your comment regarding this article in comments. Thank you!