Why is Golang the Best for Mobile App Development?

Why is Golang the Best for Mobile App Development?

Golang for mobile development? Yes, you read that right. But wait a minute, wasn’t Golang used in systems programming, handling huge scale servers, cloud computing and distributed systems. Apparently, the Golang has a wide range of applications that remains largely unexplored. It has only been a few years that developers have taken an interest to use Golang for developing mobile apps.

So, what are the various reasons that make Golang such a suitable language? Let us check out.

1. Great Performance

  • When compared to interpreted languages and languages having virtual machines, Golang will always be superior. This is because it has AOT compilation and the codes are compiled into machine codes.
  • Golang is a statically typed language. Thus, the compiler is aware of the exact data types that have been used, and it generates optimized machine code. The syntaxes and semantics have been created in such a way that it enables swift startup and faster compilation.
  • In Golang, multiple tasks are carried out at the same time by numerous processors or threads. The processors stay in proper synchronization due to shared memory. Finally, the results of the processing are combined at the end of the task. This is parallelism in Golang, a reason why the language is so fast.
  • Channels and goroutines help in maintaining concurrency in Golang. Concurrency refers to the process where various functions (goroutines) can run without depending on each other. These goroutines are lightweight threads and they communicate with each other through a channel, where they read or put the data. In Golang the concurrency model that is used in CSP, which makes processes really fast.

2. Cross-Platform and Open-Source Language

  • Golang will only become better and efficient with further developments. How is it possible? Well, Golang is an open-source and procedural language, which means developers around the world can contribute to making the language better.
  • Golang is platform independent. This means that you can compile codes for any platform your applications work on. Furthermore, it is cross-platform. You can use it with macOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, and other operating systems. And if you write code on Linux, you can run it on Windows.
  • Due to its easy readability and simple understanding, Golang is steadily becoming one of the most favorite languages of developers. Today, it is used by big tech companies like Google, Twitter, Apple, YouTube, etc. in some form or other.
  • Cross-compilation is easy in Golang as you can compile programs written in Golang for a wide range of Operating systems just with the help of GOOS and GOARCH environment variables. Now do you understand why using Golang for mobile development is a great idea?

3. Great Security Feature

  • Golang has performed significantly well when it comes to dealing with vulnerabilities. You have to describe the type of data that you pass because Golang is statically and strongly typed. Hence, the compiler is always aware of the variable type.
  • The checksum database and mirror modules play an extremely important role in Golang. They make sure that the Go dependency downloads are faster and secure. With the checksum database, when the go command gets a source code, the hash of the code will be verified against the global database.
  • The garbage collection process is a huge bonus point for Golang. The process called stop the world makes all the goroutines in Golang reach garbage collection safe points. This helps in maintaining data integrity as it stops program execution temporarily. Golang helps in cleaning up and freeing up memory space. This also paves the way for integration of the whole collection into executable binaries.

4. Designed for Cloud

  • Golang was developed by Google to address the scalability issues and the concurrency needs for cloud computing and more. Golang comes to the rescue of developers when they have issues with modern cloud, with its built-in concurrency and standard APIs (idiomatic).
  • The Go tools Kubernetes and Docker are widely used by developers for cloud purposes. Since Docker facilitates the development workflow and deployment process, cloud developers utilize it to support several platforms and manage their Go code.
  • Cloud developers use Kubernetes to swiftly design, distribute, and scale containerized programs, controlling the complexity as it grows using APIs that dictate how the containers behave.
  • In today’s world, apps are cloud-native mostly. As Golang helps in building and scaling cloud computing systems, developers are using Golang for mobile development.

5. Vast Library

  • Golang has a huge library and it helps developers accomplish tasks without banking on 3rd party widgets. While using Golang, you will come across different packages that will help you manage web servers, I/O and cryptography.
  • Developers mainly use frameworks like Buffalo, Martini, Gin Gonic, Gorilla, Mango, etc. for mobile app development. Why? This is because it has a number of features to offer like exception handling, routing, middlewares, scalability, modularity, easy integration with 3rd party plugins, etc.
  • Golang is known for its incredible ecosystem. Furthermore, the mobile application development tool Gomobile offers two strategies for development. The gomobile build helps in developing mobile applications. The gomobile bind helps the apps deal with various business logic.

6. Utilization of Submitted Memory

  • Being a compiled language, Golang has no necessity for interpretation. This enables the language to release the power needed to help the app function more effectively.
  • Golang is very less demanding when it comes to system requirements. Thus, apps designed with Golang tend to perform better with old devices as well. Do you know what this means? What else? More users and more money. So, Golang ensures good business.
  • Golang is adept at maximizing available computing power. Apps run in the background as a single process, which uses less RAM. Go-powered programs are less likely to crash due to memory problems since they employ non-system threads. Google developed the same in order to fully use many cores.

7. Godoc Tool

  • Developers have to use Godoc when they want to explore specifications or instances of Golang modules. The tool plays a pivotal role in finding package documentation quickly. Godoc runs as a web server and displays the documents in web page format.
  • Godoc’s source code is easily available on GitHub and it does not rely on language applications like JavaDoc, JSDoc and PHPDoc. The tool can build a structure, an outline, format documentation based on the ‘enough’ information it extracts.
  • The GoDoc contains documentation on GitHub, Bitbucket, Launchpad, and Google Project Hosting for Go packages. You can easily get links for version control repository, cross-referencing and code examples.

These are some of the reasons why Golang is widely being used by developers for developing mobile apps. Furthermore, Golang is quite easy to learn, especially for ones who have knowledge of C or C++. Thus, developers are finding it easy to grasp the concepts.

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