Why low signal eat more battery?

Smartphone battery drain

Today, most smartphones and tablets tend to have the problem that batteries are drained faster than ever. because your phone will continue to search for a strong signal as it continually tries to perform the functions you set it up to do. Many times the cause is also the setting you have on your phone.

In this article, we will find out why low signal drains more battery?

If the connection between your cell phone and the base station is weak, then your cell phone needs to send a more powerful signal to the base station. That power needs to come from somewhere, and the only power source in your phone is your battery. So, the simple thing is that a weak signal can cause higher battery drain. The phone keeps searching and using maximum power flattening the battery rapidly.

Dealing with battery drain on your Android can be a serious pain. Sometimes you feel like you might as well just leave it plugged into the wall. A bad signal is going to make the radios work harder, and particularly before the LTE/3G divide was crossed radios can definitely drain the battery. In 2011/early 2012, many phones with LTE had a fully separate LTE chip put in to access it, causing double power drain as it had to operate alongside the standard radio for other signal types. So, searching for a signal can drain the battery. Cell radios (most, probably all) have a variable amount of power draw. When they have a strong signal they reduce their power consumption (the amount varies by manufacturer and software version). As your signal gets weaker they increase their power, to stay in communication.

So, how to improve your smartphones' battery life?

Turn off unnecessary features

To preserve battery life turn off the feature GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC, as well as the more familiar LTE and Wifi what you’re not currently using. Any time you can turn off transceivers you don’t need, you’ll preserve your battery.

Use low screen brightness

Our phone’s big display consumes more battery than any other component. So to preserve your battery, turn down the brightness level. Either turn on your phone’s auto-brightness feature or down screen brightness manually based on current local lighting conditions. This should prevent your screen from being brighter than it needs to be, thereby saving power.

Cut down notifications

Your messaging, news, weather and other information apps probably send you a notification whenever there’s a new message or post to view. To save power, change the settings on these apps from auto notification to manual. This means you will have to specifically check each app for updates. It can preserve significant battery life. But don't do it for all apps; maintain a balance. Leave the important apps on auto-notify and change all others to manual.

Don't search for a signal

Your poor phone is dying and it's trying to find a signal. If you're in an area with a weak 4G signal, turn the 4G off and go with 3G to extend the battery life. If there's no cellular coverage at all, turn cellular data off altogether by going into Airplane mode. Airplane mode will turn the cellular and data radio off but leave Wifi access on, for most devices.

Avoid high heat

All cell phone batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a full charge. You can slow this capacity loss by treating your battery well. Avoid high heat because heat damages all batteries. Don’t leave your phone where it could get really hot. If possible never let your battery fully discharge. If you’re under 5% charge remaining, turn your phone off until you can connect to a charger.

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