Why Programming is Important for First Year and School Students?

In 21st century, coding and programming skills aren’t reserved for software engineers and web developers only. The increasing number of professions requires coding abilities. Moreover, curriculum in schools and colleges include programming as one of the key elements - even the primary schools aren’t the exception! If you still doubt why you (or your children) should take programming class in school or college seriously, continue reading for the top reasons.

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5 main reasons to study programming

Coding is a literacy of the digital age

Coding increasingly becomes an essential skill. It is demanded from many professionals whose job isn’t directly connected with coding. As the technology evolves, it takes more skills to become a digital literate and feel comfortable in the world of apps and gadgets. Learning how to code will help you stand out in a professional world once you graduate from college.

Coding develops problem solving skills

As you learn programming, you develop the skill of learning problems in a logical and creative way. Some tasks will require you to use a non-standard approach. Also, it builds your ability to troubleshoot – if your code doesn’t work, you have to review it, find the potential flaws in your work and develop the solution. Persistence in problem solving and creative approach to handling challenges is helpful in all aspects of life.

Coding strengthens your writing skills

Coding is another language that has its syntax and application. Thus, learning a programming language teaches you to plan and organize your thoughts. As a result, you’ll learn to write better essays in college. And the perseverance which is necessary to revise your code can take your editing and proofreading skills to the next level.

Coding improves math skills

As students learn to code, they gain the ability to visualize abstract concepts and apply the math skills to the real world situations. For example, website development may require the knowledge of algebra and multiplication. This turns math from a theoretical and boring subject to something one can apply and see immediate results. Thus, you can gain better grades in your math class and improve your academic performance.

Coding increases your employ-ability

It’s not a secret that software engineers and web developers earn good salaries and have great career prospects. But even if you don’t plan to dedicate your life to coding, this skill can turn you into a desired candidate for employers. If you know at least basic HTML/CSS, it gives you a competitive edge in most digital professionals. And if your skills are advanced, you can negotiate a higher salary during the interview.

How to write a programming essay?

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