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Why use NodeJs for eCommerce websites?

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Why use NodeJs for eCommerce websites?

To keep up with the digital age and the market trends, businesses are going digital. This has resulted in the booming growth of the eCommerce sector. eCommerce means buying or selling goods online. But you need a reliable and secure platform to do that. Businesses nowadays collaborate with an eCommerce development company to build online stores.

But there are already too many eCommerce websites on the internet. Online store owners are now finding it hard to outshine their competitors or just stay relevant in the market. One of the most important factors that play a crucial role in keeping your business on top of the game is what kind of development framework you and your technology partner used to build eCommerce solutions for your business. Tons of options are available in the market but choosing the right one is the most important decision you can ever make.

To help you with that, allow me to make a case for NodeJS and how it can be one of the best web development frameworks for your next eCommerce development project.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose NodeJS for eCommerce development

1. High Performance

eCommerce websites contain a lot of features and functionalities but that should not stop being a barrier to better performance. Only a high-performance eCommerce store can yield better results. Visitors will leave the site if it isn't functioning properly or well within their expectations.

Using NodeJS for eCommerce development will help create an online store that can not only solve visitors’ queries but also perform multiple operations very smoothly. NodeJS has already proved its mettle by paving the way for eCommerce websites like Walmart and Paypal to succeed.

From choosing the products to selecting payment options, every shopping activity is simplified using NodeJS to make them convenient for visitors. What's more interesting is that NodeJS can offer optimum performance for your eCommerce website at prices lower in comparison to other programming languages like PHP.

2. Scalability

The event-based design of NodeJS frameworks helps in making a web app scalable. This also enables the app to run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Although the framework provides small and simple modules that work concurrently, you can also use it to create and add new modules quickly. This helps in making a scalable solution. And scalable solutions can support the creation of a highly-customized eCommerce store.

3. Cost-effective

NodeJS is an open-source web development framework. It uses the same programming languages for both server-side and client-side coding. Because of this, you do not need different developers to code for both sides. So, a small team of a few NodeJS developers can also pull it off. They can alter their roles for client-side and server-side coding which is cost-effective.

Having an I/O model, NodeJS does not obstruct any I/O operations. The framework is also flexible with code repetition. NodeJS allows your eCommerce websites to get quick updates. This helps in reducing the labor charges. So overall, NodeJS can be claimed as a budget-friendly web development framework.

4. Data Streaming

Such is the architecture of the NodeJS framework that all the HTTP requests and their responses have to travel through a single data stream. This makes the task of file management easy.

One of the greatest advantages of using NodeJS is that you can upload as many products as you want on the store. NodeJS has also made video uploading effortless as they have a great appeal to customers to make faster purchasing decisions.

5. Large Support of the Community

Designing the features and functionalities of an eCommerce website can be tough. You may face some setbacks and need some guidance to get through the problems. That's where the NodeJS community can help you out with their creative support and expert advice to find solutions to your problems.

NodeJS framework is supported by a large community that relentlessly promotes the advancement of the framework and fellow community members. You can also get viable solutions from StackOverflow or GitHub if sometimes you find yourself in a pinch.

6. Several Plugins Support

No framework is one size fits all kind of solution. So you have to use plugins to cover the functionalities that don't come with your framework. But then again, not every framework supports all such plugins.

However, NodeJS comes with a variety of pre-built plugins that you can use to manage multiple aspects of your eCommerce website. Using these plugins would help make your eCommerce store more intuitive and powerful.

7. Real-time Communication and Easy Management

One of the most essential features that you will need for your eCommerce store is real-time communication with your customers. And using NodeJS will make that part very easy as it can manage both front-end and back-end development. Even if you want to add some chat-based tool or platform, NodeJS can support it very effectively.

Additionally, the NoSQL database is used to manage product catalogs. This makes the product management process a lot easier, allowing the admin to manage their products conveniently no matter if it is a single vendor or multi-vendor platform.

8. Optimal Speed

NodeJS uses a Chrome V8 engine which ensures that the web applications run at an efficient speed. And as we discussed before, NodeJS has an effective I/O model that doesn't obstruct the I/O operations which enables it to perform the compilation of the whole program at a time. Now, this ought to enhance the performance as well as the speed of the online store.

Top companies like Paypal and Walmart are already leveraging their optimal speed to increase their web traffic. After all, the chances of a visitor leaving the site are more if it has a higher loading speed. On the contrary, if the speed and performance are good, it is just going to attract more visitors.

9. A Completely Independent Solution

File system access, SSL, compression, HTTP libraries, and connectors are to name a few reasons why developers prefer using NodeJS. The Node Package Manager that comes with the framework can eliminate all the dependency issues of the website. Moreover, it manages opposed I/O operations which reduces the number of servers needed for it. This tends to increase the demand for NodeJS for the creation of eCommerce stores.

10. More than just a framework

Not for a moment think that NodeJS is just another web development framework. It is also an advanced technology that can process many tasks in various sectors. Building web applications, remote control, media streaming, and server diagnosing are to name a few tasks. Moreover, the websites built using the framework are responsive, portable, instinctive, and easily understandable. You can use the algorithm of NodeJS development to create impulsive websites, real-time applications, and rich APIs.


Every aspect of the customer’s journey, from browsing for products to placing orders, in terms of speed and performance, is effectively taken care of, thanks to NodeJS. As more and more businesses are going digital over time, the eCommerce sector has a bright future ahead. And in those times, people will need powerful and efficient websites. So, if you want to stand out from the competition then you have to imply robust solutions such as NodeJS for the development of your eCommerce website.

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