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  • What is BIOS?

    BIOS is short for Basic Input Output System whichis built-in software of a computer system that determines what it can do without accessing programs from a disk. It also manages data flow between the ...

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  • BIOS vs UEFI

    BIOSBIOS abbreviation Basic Input Output System, is a non-volatile firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process of a computer. It provide runtime services for operating ...

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  • Rooting and Jailbreak in smartphone

    You may have heard at least one of these mobile terms before--jailbreaking and rooting. Both terms belong to mobile phones and tablets. Both jailbreaking and rooting are methods that will give you unr...

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  • How to become an iOS developer

    Mobile App Developer ranked near the top of just about every legitimate “hot jobs” list for the coming years. There is an incredible opportunity right now for anyone who wants to pursue a career as an...

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  • KaiOS and its features

    KaiOS Technologies powers an emerging ecosystem of affordable digital products and services. It's a web-based operating system that enables a new category of smart feature phones and other IoT devices...

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  • Best video players for iOS

    When we talking about watching movies on the smartphone, iPhone takes special attention to the topic. That's why most of the time you often find yourself searching the best Video Player apps on the Ap...

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  • 10 reasons to shift to Swift

    Today, standing in the middle of fast and modern World, you have always searched for only that type programming language which makes developers’ lives easier, gives coders space to experiment, is cost...

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