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  • What is computer cluster?

    A computer cluster is a single logical unit consisting of multiple computers that are linked through a local area network. It consists of a set of loosely or tightly connected computers that work toge...

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  • CPU vs GPU vs TPU

    CPUCentral Processing Unit abbreviation CPU, is the electronic circuitry, which work as a brains of the computer that perform the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output operations specifi...

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  • What is VPU?

    You may hear about the term VPU in the recent news. But, many of you don't know what actually VPU is. So, let's find out.VPU stands for Vision Processing Unit, which is an emerging class of microproce...

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  • Multiprocessing vs Multithreading

    Multi-threaded programs and multi-process systems are the best ways of splitting up workload into multiple actions and partitioning the task into different for most computing tasks, multiple tasks for...

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  • Google’s Next generation TPU

    Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is the first custom accelerator ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) for machine learning (ML). It is customized to give high performance and power efficiency wh...

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