10 useful angular component library in 2019

Angular component library

Angular is one of the most popular front-end web application platforms of the world. It comes with all the tools and best practices and allows you to use components to split your UI into different, reusable pieces.

Many applications need to solve the same general problems, such as presenting a unified user interface, presenting data, and allowing data entry. Developers can create general solutions for particular domains that can be adapted for re-use in different apps. Such a solution can be built as Angular libraries.

Any app developer can use the libraries that have been published as npm packages by the Angular team or by third parties. The libraries can be used locally in your workspace.

Here, we have listed the most popular Angular component libraries that are useful and a must for your next app development project in Angular.

So, let's get started -

Angular Material

The tool is a popular collection of Angular components developed with the assistance of Google Material Design that helps developers to apply modern elements in their projects with ease and simplicity. Also, you can add a new feature to quickly generate a bunch of templates from the command line of Material Components.


Clarity is an open source design system by VMware that brings together UX guidelines, an HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components. It provides a rich set of data-bound, performant components on top of Angular.

NG Bootstrap

This popular library provides Bootstrap 4 components for Angular. It provides high testing coverage and no 3rd party JS dependencies.

Prime NG

A comprehensive component suite including over 70 UI components with different themes from material to flat design. This library is an interesting option to consider.  It used by eBay, Fox and more organizations.


Onsen-UI is a popular library for hybrid and mobile web apps for Android and iOS using Javascript. Onsen-UI for Angular provides components with Material and Flat designs, with binding for Angular.

NGX Bootstrap

This component library comprises all core Angular-powered Bootstrap components. It ensures performance for mobile as well as desktop, as it was designed keeping in mind extensibility and adaptivity.


Vaadin components provide Material inspired UI components for mobile and desktop apps. Although elements are kept in different repos, they can be grouped into a single repo while kept individually available with Bit.

NG2 Charts

This library provides Angular directives for 6 different types of charts, with properties based on chart.js. This library can be useful for visualizing large data and lists.


It provides native Angular components and directives for the Salesforce Lightning Design system. It has a great impact on your Angular app by boosting performance and having flexibility.


Storybook is an environment for defining, developing, and testing UI components. It started as react-storybook but it is now open for other frameworks as well. Storybook is open source with a strong community behind it. Hundreds of contributors, tens of thousands of stars on GitHub, and millions of monthly downloads ensure a bright future.

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