11 things that make Linux better than Windows

11 things that make Linux better than Windows

When most people think of the battle for best operating system, they often think of the continuous struggle between Windows and OSX. There is an oft-overlooked third party, though Linux is a free, open source OS with a small but devoted userbase. Many a times Windows users talk about what Windows can do but Linux can't. To be fair, they also need to know what Linux can do but Windows can't. It wasn't long before you realized that Linux still beats Windows as a desktop operating system. Let's find out why Linux still a better OS.

1. Linux doesn't have the virus problems -

Even Microsoft's CEO Steve Balmer couldn't clean Windows Viruses. Still not convinced? Its not that there aren't any viruses for Linux but Linux is more secure and less virus prone.

2. No Spyware -

Not just spyware but none of those funny applications that keep doing things in the background.

3. Linux Doesn't need defragging -

The Linux file systems work very efficiently such that it arranges data in a way that it doesn't require defragging.

4. No blue screen of death -

Linux doesn't crash without any apparent reasons. In Linux the core operating system (kernel) is separate from the GUl from the applications. So even if the application crashes, the core operating system is not affected. In Windows if the Browser crashes, it can take down the entire operating system. Even Linux doesn't crash if you accidentally pulled out your USB key/pen drive.

5. Linux doesn't require frequent re-installation -

In Windows if the OS crashes, there is no easy way to recover this. Many IT support staff don't know what to do and all they can do is re-install Windows. Which means that users applications and preferences are lost, and needs to be installed again.

6. Keep your data safe -

You can keep your operating system from your data, its designed to actually do that very easily. The benefit of this is all the users preferences can be preserved even if the OS needs to be re-installed. This can be handled by creating a separate partition for the home directory.

7. Linux doesn't require frequent rebooting -

Linux doesn't require rebooting when a new hardware device is added configured, when you change any setting or re-configure your Network, when you install a new application.Linux runs extremely stable, even if an application crashes, there is no need to reboot the whole system, just restart that application or service. Linux doesn't reboot on its own! I have had a situation where Windows updated the system and then rebooted on its own, without your knowledge.

8. Appstore included -

Ubuntu and other distros today has a built in App store where you can download 1000's of applications with a single click.

9. Faster Browsing -

Browsing is not only better but faster too! The networking on Linux is faster and the browser has an option to block all the unwanted ads/pop up, there by saving on bandwidth considerably.

10. Alos have games -

Linux has games too! there are some really nice games which many of the Linux distributions bundle. You may not have all the games in the world but you definitely have a huge collection of free games.

11. Linux runs on Super computers -

Linux is been used for super computing clusters, most of top super computers in the World use Linux. Windows just can't scale to that level. While NTFS file system can scale upto 16TB, XFS on Linux can scale upto 18 million TB! yes that bigger than what you would ever need.

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