What is Best Linux Shared Hosting

What is Best Linux Shared Hosting

The hosting world is full of choices and options, and it's probably one of the most dynamic online industries. When the time to start working on your website approaches, the best choice is Linux Shared Hosting In India. Since Linux has umpteen pros over other operating systems, it is the most preferred of the lot. One of the most important features of Linux is the security. Security of information makes Linux the most sought after Operating system specifically for the shared hosting systems. It provides other benefits too that we will discuss in the article below.

What is Linux Hosting?

In simple words, Linux shared hosting is the hosting that requires the server to use an operating system known as Linux. Linux as an operating system similar to Unix, which is supplied as a free, open-source option. It was originally developed in 1991 as an entirely free operating system for Intel x86-based computers.

Since then, it has grown into one of the marketplace's most common open-source operating systems. In the current scenario, the hosting world has the most competitive online industries full of options and choices. In case one wants to start his/her log, business, website, or any other online portal, shared hosting. If you wish to start your own online business, website, blog, or any other online portal, shared hosting is the decent substitute.

Some of the best features and software including but not limited to MySQL, PHP, SSH, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Apache.

Why is Linux Considered Preferred by Most Webmasters?

Linux is operating system software that manages all the hardware resources connected with it promptly. In other words, we can state that it acts as a medium of communication between your software and your hardware devices.

There is nothing wrong with Windows hosting; however, Linux is the preferred choice for a lot of reasons. Additionally, it is known as one of the most secure alternatives for your hosting also provides more features that could be used free of cost in contrast to Windows hosting. Using Windows hosting, you can use ASP or ASP.NET, but the two of these programs are inclined to be somewhat more challenging to use. Most programmers, bloggers, and webmasters prefer Linux hosting within Windows hosting.

Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting?

The decision to use a hosting firm that offers the Linux operating system comes with many advantages. This very affordable type of hosting makes it easy for anyone to start using a blog or web site. Listed below are just five to the very best benefits supplied by Linux hosting.


Perhaps the main advantage for many is the cost. Since Linux is an open-source system, there is no cost of using it to host your own. This enables hosting companies to keep their prices lower in comparison with Windows hosting.

Linux-based hosting can also frequently arrive with many famous and free scripts such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and many more.


You can do a lot of things using a Linux host, such as building a website, website, multimedia software, forum, or some other online stuff. Linux requires a GNU or General Public License, which ensures that it can be used for other distributions, including SUE Linux, Red Hat, and Ubuntu. Compared to other operating systems, this makes it much more flexible.

You can always install whatever is necessary. The installation of the whole suite is not mandatory in Linux shared hosting India. Linux files can be kept under various partitions so that there is no significant loss if one of them corrupts.


An essential advantage of a Linux server, particularly for shared hosting, is your safety. This operating system has shown again and again to be more protected than any other option.

Malwares and viruses that impact the security and work on Linux are comparatively lower than that on windows. Every Linux program, whether it's an application or a virus, needs a password from the administrator to approve it. Unless the password is given, the program won't be executed.

The need for antivirus in Linux is eliminated because of this feature.


Since Linux has been among the earliest developed operating systems, it gives better reliability than Windows. Many Linux users will tell you the reliability is not a comparison as Linux is much better.

Linux is highly reliable and does not need a reboot after a short period.

It's rare for Linux to slow down or freeze. Linux helps you work seamlessly and without disturbances, as no reboots are required after software updates, not even after the installation and uninstallation of the applications.


Another massive advantage coming from Linux shared hosting plans is that the ease. Typically, it is simpler and more user friendly than Windows hosting. Since Linux can use MySQL, Perl and PHP, it's considered to be a very easy tool to use.


Linux is an efficient and effective operating system, fit to be installed and liked by the majority. The plethora of features makes it loveable and widely popular among the tech savvies. In the industry of servers virtually overstaffed with competitors like Microsoft, Linux can be perceived as a fresh wave of air.

With beautiful and most sought after features like security, Linux stands out in the mainstream market and appeals to the tech-savvy severe worldwide. Also, it has a simpler user interface, and it is easier to use the sophisticated and best features, including PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

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