11 useful things you can do on Google Chrome

11 useful things you can do on Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been steadily gaining popularity in the web browser field since it launched in 2008. Google Chrome is a freeware web browser. Google created Gears for Chrome, which added features for web developers typically relating to the building of web applications, including offline support. Google Chrome features a minimalistic user interface. This simple interface attracted more user, and later on, other browser adopted this simplicity. Chrome is the first browser that allows users to synchronize their bookmarks, history, and settings across all devices with a single Google Account.

Google Chrome is an amazing browser. So, here are some useful facts and tips to help you know Chrome as better.

Merge multiple tabs

It can be possible on Chrome to merge all of the open tabs into a list to reduce memory use with OneTab.

Incognito mode

The Incognito mode prevents the browser from permanently storing any history information or cookies from the websites visited. This mode is similar to the private browsing feature in other web browsers. It doesn't prevent saving in all windows. You'll only be in incognito mode when you're using the incognito window.

Quick calculation results from Address Bar

Chrome’s address bar doubles up as Google search bar. The address bar can also calculate for you. When just type 12*50 in the address bar within a sec the result will come up automatically.

Google Translate

Google Translator can translate the entire page or a particular selection into another language quickly and search the meaning of the text. Just highlight or right-click on the text which section needs to translate and click on Translate icon next to it. And entire page can be translated by clicking the translate icon on the Chrome toolbar.

Share links quickly

Chrome’s the slickest tool will help to share the links faster. Just highlight quotes and share them in Point's messaging system.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

The Grammarly extension will help to avoid the mistakes on every text that typing in any section. It can check the text spellings through more than 250 grammar rules.

Use Chrome as media player.

Google Chrome can be used as a media player to watch some of the most common audio, video and photo formats instead of launching or installing a separate media player application. Just drag or drop the file into an open tab.

Resources Page

The Resources is the entire Developer tools feature. The resources section is particularly useful to a loads website faster on the browser.

Create secure passwords

You can able to create secure password generation by pasting this into your browser bar: "chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation". By using this feature, your password will look like meaningless sentences but it will be super safe!

Dragging tabs out and back in again

You can drag a tab out of Chrome into a separate window, and you can drag a separate window back into tab bar, where it'll be happily received by Chrome.

Organize Thumbnails

If you’ve got more than one Chrome windows open then their thumbnails would interchange the positions if you do a full screen by tapping F11 on any one of them. You can also use F11 key to arrange the thumbnails in a specific order.

This is not all that you can do in Chrome, there have a lot of things can be in Chrome than another browser. Please let us know your favorite feature of Google Chrome in the comment below. Hope you like this article. Thank you!

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