Thu Jan 25 2018

5 programming languages that you must learn in 2018

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5 programming languages that you must learn in 2018

Year 2018 already started. You may wandering to learn a new programming language to open a new door in the programming world. But, which language you should learn in 2018? To answer this question, in the geek story we will discuss about the top 5 languages to learn in 2018. So, let’s start-

Programming is ruling for many years and some of the programming languages still in demand to compete for the newly launched programming language. Learning a programming language requires both time and patience. You should learn a language which is worth the effort and reward you a better job and career growth.

So the languages are better to learn which are demanding and has the capability of cracking the market in the near future. Here we create a list of the top 5 languages to learn in 2018 based on our research.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular and demanding language in the world. With the rise of frameworks like Angular 4, AngularJS, React JS and JQuery has made JavaScript a demanding language in future. With the development of Node.js, JavaScript extends its limit to web server and in desktop operating system. So, learning JavaScript and its various frameworks in 2018 will open many doors for developers.

2. Python

Currently, Python is the most popular general purpose language. Universities are suppressing Java to teach Python in academics. It's a very powerful language, after learning it you can do anything. The huge popularity will let you find every kind of module in python that you can think of.

3. Kotlin

After the announcement of Kotlin as a primary language for Android, Kotlin's popularity and demand get increased in the market. It is probably the next big thing happening in the Android world. It will be one of the great language to learn in 2018 to become a pro Android developer.

4. Swift

IOS is the most popular mobile operating system after Android and also a great market for developers to spread their brain child to millions of people. Swift is the best language to create iPhone and iPad apps. It has already replaced Objective C as the preferred language to iOS app development. It can be the best language to learn in 2018.

5. Java

Last but not the least, you can learn Java in 2018 if you are newbie programmer. With the release of JDK 9, there have lots of changes in the Java platform. Java pro developers can also focus on Java 9 to improve their skills.


That's all. You can choose one or two languages from this list and focus on that in 2018. Hope this article will help you to find your best language to learn in 2018. The most important thing is to make your goal at the beginning and try your best to achieve in 2018. Please let us know which language you are going to learn in 2018. Thank you!

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