5 ways to manage files on a smartphone

How to manage files on your smartphone?

Whether you need to handle business documents, college or school papers, home finances, you cannot always avoid dealing with files on your mobile phone. When you are on the go and in a hurry means you cannot rely on a computer at that time. So, if you don’t want to procrastinate let’s see how you can finish all document management tasks before even getting to your computer.

Thanks to various iPhone apps you can do almost anything you want on your iPhone, no need to wait to come home or to the office and be behind your desktop computer.

Extract photos from PDF files

With PDF to JPG Converter app you can turn PDF documents into images in just a few simple steps. That can be useful when you want to extract a photo of your PDF document and use it separately. Not to mention that it is easier to edit JPG files than PDF, and JPG files are of smaller size.

Store documents in the cloud

If you want to have quick access to your computer files, you can store them in Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud service. In that way, you can access the files from your phone, edit them in Google Docs, Google sheets etc. Furthermore, you can share the files with others or send them by email. Every mobile phone has cloud and email apps, why not get advantage of them? Next time you want to change the phone you won’t have to worry about transferring the files from phone to another.

View or edit files on your phone

Today you can find a lot of different mobile apps that are for viewing PDFs, MS Office file types and other file formats. Many phones actually have default apps that are for reading the most popular file types. Thanks to these apps, you can open and edit any file type on your iPhone.

Create folders and categories

Whether you decide to store files in the cloud or on your phone memory, you can easily create folders there. Depending on the nature of your documents, you can create several folders that will actually represent different categories. It will be easier to find each file when everything is organized.

Managing video files

If you like to record meetings, lessons or other school presentations, you can do that with your phone. Every phone has an option to record an audio file, the same goes with video files, if you use a phone camera. Similar to textual documents, you can organize, share, edit these files. There are different video and audio conversion apps that can help you change the format of your file. Also, you can store these audio files in the cloud or share them with others.

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