A list of the websites that help you to learn PHP online

PHP is almost everywhere. It is the most popular server side scripting language in the history. Currently, more than 80% of websites are running in PHP. Even more, PHP powers some extremely popular platforms like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and more. Due this huge popularity, many students/programmers are wanting to start their career in PHP.

Everyone must realize that learning PHP or any other programming language is not that much harder. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to attend a university or even a tech school for a certification. You can easily teach yourself with the help of books and online resources.

To help you in your learning process of PHP we have found the best online resources. In this geek story we listed top 10 of them for you. So, let’s check them out-

PHP Manual

PHP.net offers an official manual for the PHP language. It is a comprehensive guide and also covers everything from basic commands and their usage to the overall security and functions. For most of them, It’s not exactly the most user-friendly or attractive guide out there, but it is arguably one of the best.


Codecademy.com is one of the biggest resource for all kinds of programmers. They also offer PHP language guides and coding from the very basic level, which doesn’t require any previous knowledge to learn.


SitePoint.com offers many tutorials and guides on various PHP topics and trends. This is best for you, if you have a bit of working knowledge in PHP. The SitePoint is intended for intermediate to advanced coders.


W3Schools.com is one the biggest resource for an intermediate web developer. You can start learning PHP from the very basic level and increase your knowledge.

Codecourse YouTube Playlist

Codecourse has a well organized PHP tutorial videos on YouTube. The video playlist is one of the best resource to start with the simplest PHP operations to increasingly complex operations.

Hacking with PHP

HackingWithPHP.com offer PHP guides in separate chapters with each breaking down a different topic or element. It is a great reference for those who prefer lessons that adopt a more practical approach.

Killer PHP

KillerPHP.com offer you remarkably useful guidance on PHP. Unlike most of the other tutorials here you jump right in and start playing around with PHP. There are complimentary videos that cover each section of the tutorial.


PHPBuddy.com offers a bunch of online tutorials, lessons, and articles on PHP. There have no many videos or interactivity, but lots of descriptive text and some screenshots. It’s a good reference to use while learning PHP another way if you need more hand-holding.

Tuts Plus

TutsPlus.com is a site dedicated to online coding lessons. They also cover PHP training with a wide variety of topics. You can learn expert level skills like WordPress plugin development, creating a PHP Woocommerce theme, and setting up an automated testing network through PHP.

PHP Cheatsheets

Overapi.com offer PHP guidance and tutorial for intermediate to advanced coders that might need help with variable comparisons, arithmetics, and variable testing throughout various versions of PHP.

Here at Geekboots, we also offer very basic PHP coding examples for intermediate programmers. Hope this article will save your lot of time for searching for PHP tutorials online. Thank you!

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