Best Android games to play in April 2018

The best Android games of AprilIt’s true that there may not always be time for games, but it doesn’t mean that the games ever stop coming. Day by day the Android gaming is getting bigger and better. There have lots of new games are released on the Play Store on a daily basis and that represents a huge monthly collection of new titles to check out. If you’re getting bored then there are plenty of new games to consider. But you should check out this list of best Android games March 2018 and that is definitely worth to play. Let's start -

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is one of the best new game on Android platform and it has been released worldwide for mobile devices by Electronic Arts. The Sims Mobile is a simulation game for Android. In this game, you have to take care of your sim; increase career and relationship points, build more items, improve lifestyle, and there are lots of activities to do. And would recommend you to try it.


PUBG Mobile is another new Android game which is also one of the best Android games of 2018. This game is all about fighting for survival against 99 other people on an island. The main target is to be the last one on the battleground. It is not an easy task as it's sound, you have to use the best strategy, grab appropriate weapons, shoot enemies, and move to the safe zone.


TEKKEN is one of the biggest fighting game releases on mobile. The graphics of Tekken Mobile is really excellent. This game has lots of variants in scenarios, landscapes, and characters. The mechanics are a vastly simplified series of taps and swipes along with a card collecting mechanic for special moves. It is a decent game for gamer crowd. The gameplay is enjoyable, and controls are almost good.

Armored Warfare: Assault

Armored Warfare: Assault is a brand new tank shooter game for the mobile platform. It brings relentless PvP-action. The mayhem never stops, respawn onto the modern battlefield and engage the enemies head-on. It brings the military hotspots around the globe and executes 60 different vehicles with powerful Unreal Engine. You have to Collect all cutting-edge armored vehicles, level up your crew and wreak havoc on your rivals with the latest military technology such as smoke grenades, airstrikes, guided missiles and more.

Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 is a brand new cricket game for Android and it also is one of the best new Android game of 2018. This game has 3D graphics, lots of game modes, offline gameplay feature, and contents can be updated. It has been released recently on Google Play Store. The game offers multiple shot selection, bowling features, amazing commentary, great animations, and much more. This game is suitable for those who are looking for a new cricket game.

Star Shooters: Galaxy Dash

Star Shooters is a classical horizontal scrolling shooter game, mix with the modern elements. This game has the collection of 5 powerful captains and more than 100 crew members in 6 battlegrounds, amazing graphics, and a great storyline. It brings over a hundred combination between the captains and crews, creates your customized team. You can challenge more than 50 bosses which have unique skills, get a higher score and show your name in world ranking list. This is a game that will get you hooked pretty easily. This game is very easy to play — shoot your enemies or die.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is released on Google Play Store. It is an offline game and its patch files also can be downloaded. This game has ten chapters. This game follows the story of Prince Noctis and his friends - Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus. This game has a main target to battle your enemies and at the same time carrying out on the little exploration missions. It is another game on the list of best Android games of 2018.


ChronoBlade is the only side-scrolling RPG brawler featuring explosive arcade-style combat and real-time synchronous PvP action. This game is based on combat battle with explosive skill. You can control the game by dodging, blocking and by the counter attacks. Crush your competition and Dominate PvP battles in synchronously. Your skill and timing are key in this competitive action game.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition ranks among the top legendary games in past few months. And this game keeps maintaining the popularity. The graphics are concerned. Street Fighter is free on the Play Store. This game has pretty decent mobile controls and tons of characters to unlock just like in the console game, full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos. You can battle head-to-head with opponents from around the world.

Battle Boom

Battle Boom is all about beating your opponent on the field using strategy skill. You have to take out the enemy base and use a variety of things at your disposal to do so. Launch ground and air units, unleash the weapons, and join a legion to help you along the way, defenses with tanks or surprising the enemy with exploding rats. Do whatever to emerge the victor.

Shadow Ghoul: Black War

The game is distinguished by its unique gothic style with traditional anime style rhetoric. Travel through the gloomy Japanese streets, abandoned laboratories, and other fateful locations, remembering from time to time to rebuff the enemies. In this atmospheric RPG, you will have to choose which side to take - monster hunters or Tokyo ghoul monsters themselves, who are trying to lead a peaceful life your goal will still be a victory in this stubborn fight.

Metal Soldiers TD: Tower Defense

Metal Soldiers is back with a new release. Metal Soldiers TD is a tower defense game. This game has a new set of rules, but the objective is as fun as before: gear up, get your weapons ready and destroy your enemies! Set up different types of towers to defend the line against the invading forces. Get coins by killing enemies and upgrade your Gun’s firepower, range, and ammo!

Skid Storm

Skid Storm is like a super cool racing game. It lets you enter a world where you get to try stuff which never does in real life. Skid Storm game combines both speed and style while you race to win the first spot. This game has plenty of cars and tracks to choose from and you can earn a couple of coins if you keep showing up to the game regularly. The game controls are very simple. Just a pair of left and right buttons to control the drift.


So, these are some of the fun and exciting Android games that were released in the last few months. My favorite one is PUBG Mobile for sure. We hope that you like our list and try above-mentioned games at list once.

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