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Best Tools Students Can Use to Design Apps & Video Games

Best Tools Students Can Use to Design Apps & Video Games

As a student, you should learn more than just the academic materials required for your course. It will benefit you to build essential skills relevant in today's world. In particular, knowing how to design apps and video games may take you a long way in life. Therefore, this article will highlight the tools you need to perform these tasks.


As a student, if you are looking to learn the basics of video game making, you should try out Quest. You do not need to be proficient in programming to use this MIT-licensed app. You should note that the game you make with this tool may be used by anyone at any time with no restrictions. In addition, you can modify the game as you require by downloading it.

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If you are a slow learner, you may want to check Programmr. This is a virtual tool that students can use to develop mobile apps, web apps, command-line programs, and much more. Another advantage of this website is that it has a feature which checks the code you write in any language. This tool is ideal for kids that find traditional lectures challenging to comprehend. As such, a student can easily use Programmr while working on other aspects of their academics. Such tools and other education and writing apps can be useful for your academic work. Each software has a lot to offer when writing articles and term papers.


Alice operates as a simple platform that offers students the opportunity to understand basic concepts of interactive games and animated stories. Similarly, Alice has an interface with graphical elements. These elements represent statements in languages like Java, C#, and C++. In addition, working with the platform involves dragging and dropping features and changing aspects of animation design.

Code School

Code School gives you access to straightforward programming education. Similarly, a learner can dictate how fast or slow they learn a programming language on mobile devices and the web. Most games linked to Code School use an incentive-based system and a badge, which is popular among gamers.

Hackety Hack

With Hackety Hack, you can download and use it on any decent Windows, macOS, and Linux operating system for designing apps and making graphics. It requires Ruby and the Rails structure to operate. Unlike Quest, this tool requires some level of proficiency in coding. As such, you may use Hackety Hack for making the following:

  • Animation.
  • Sound.
  • Messaging.
  • Video.

In addition, you can use it for web application development. As an open-source application, modifications can be made to Hackety Hack by anyone.


Treehouse is a platform with a huge bank of training exercises and videos for students. The site aims to provide cheap access to tech education. As such, the services offered by the website are not directed toward learners that want to be experts. Thus, students can use Treehouse to learn to code by partaking in challenges.


If you are interested in making iPad applications, you may want to use Codea. This app has an environment with lots of graphical options. In addition, anyone can use it because it requires little programming skills. Plus, you can develop an app that uses all the features available on the iPad.


This article presents information about the best tools students can use to design apps and video games. In general, these games are free, cheap, or open-source. Likewise, they are made to assist students to learn app design and video game development. Try these tools out and learn app designing in no time.

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