How to become an Android app developer?

How to become an Android app developer?

Android is the current leader of global smartphone market share. This market leadership creates a serious job security for Android developers. For those, who are thinking about starting your career or making a career change, Android development is certainly worth a look. So where to start and how to become an Android developer? Let's find out

What you need to start?

Unlike many other development environments, you don't need to purchaseany expensive hardware or software to start. Android app can develop on a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer. You only need an Android SDK, which is freely available as Android Studio and an Android device to test in real time.

What to learn?

Java is the basic building block of Android app development. To become an Android developer, you'll need to be comfortable with Java and object oriented programming. If you already know Java programming then start learn how to implement in the Android development process. For the newbies, start learn how to code in Java.

Recently, Google announced Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development. It's an another great language for developing Android applications. It's bringing all of the advantages of Java to the Android platform without introducing any new restrictions. So, time to learn Kotlin.

XML plays an important role. It used to create the design structure like layouts and parsing data feeds from the internet. The basic knowledge of XML syntax will help you in your journey to becoming an Android developer.

Database is the most important part of an Android app. You'll also need to learn the basics of SQL databases in order to implement within Android apps.

Understand the Android App lifecycle

If you’ve written desktop or web applications before, it’s critical to understand that writing apps for mobile devices are a completely different experience. With a desktop application, the operating system manages other applications and their priorities. In Android, it's up to you to code your application to handle external events. For example, what does your application do if the phone rings in the middle of a resource-consuming animation? How does your application react to the receipt of a text message? Understanding the Android application lifecycle will enable you to create applications that “play nice with others,” thus providing users with the best possible experience.

Learn Android API

While Android applications are written in the Java programming language, the Android API (Application programming interface) adds entirely new packages to the command-set. The Android packages allow you to write code that controls everything from the onboard camera and the audio recording feature to Bluetooth functionality and Wi-Fi access, and much more. Once you have a strong command of these packages, you will be able to implement the hardware and features of Android devices in your mobile applications.

What do users want?

Understand what the people around you are trying to do. Enjoy how these things work, love indenting CSS files adequately, or optimizing a rail app but always remember that it's all for a reason. Developers need to understand what the people who will use the app are saying, like the businesses, operations, and the process of running it. An android app development company with the knowledge of what users want should be able to build apps and software that add value to users. Understand the market and how things may change over time. It gives you an idea of new technologies and the challenges seen every day. As a developer, when you suggest a great idea to a client, let it be solidly based on your budget and time frame and especially on when you know what the clients want.

Where to start?

To become an Android developer, you should have technical skills and a very solid understanding of the fundamentals. There are many resources available on the Internet for Android developers at every skill level. It will teach you how to create an app and also sharpen your skills. Here are the few notable resources -


Collaboration is of vital importance to most developer jobs. Even if you’re working by yourself on a project, you’ll inevitably have to put heads together with others - like designers, marketers, or upper management - in the company or organization. Start getting comfortable with accepting feedback on your work, compromising with coworkers, and teaming up with other players to create exceptional products.


Google is an important web development platform that gives you what you'd expect. The likes of x-browser, JS, CSS, and Framework knowledge are just a list of what you should know, and the platforms you should be looking for new trends. While this stuff is what developers build on, they don't guarantee the success of a project. As a developer, you need to understand every bit of the system, features of an API, target audience and the CSS.

Mobile apps are in higher demand than ever, which makes the current period as an incredible time to become an Android developer. So, good luck!

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