How to resume a failed download of chrome?

How to resume a failed download of chrome?

It can be frustrating when a browser crashes in the middle of an important download. While Chrome can't resume an interrupted or failed download. Unfortunately, unlike Firefox and Internet Explorer which allow you to easily resume interrupted downloads, this is one area that Chrome fails miserably.

When a download in Chrome fails, it doesn't delete the file. It leaves behind whatever files were downloaded but in the Chrome Download format. Chrome itself cannot resume this file because its download manager doesn't support it If you are a die-hard Chrome user, then the following workaround should help you avoid restarting a big download.

Using WGet

WGet's primary purpose is to retrieve content from web servers. It is free and is part of the GNU project. The name is a combination of the words 'World Wide Web' and 'Get'. Download the program and install it on your computer. Let's found the steps to resume download using WGet.

  1. Copy the download URL from Chrome, then paste it into WGet.
  2. When download starts in WGet, then pause it, and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Chrome .crdownload file.
  3. Rename the .crdownload file so that it matches the WGet file.
  4. Then replace the WGet downloading file with renamed failed chrome file.
  5. Right click on the WGet download link and refresh.
  6. Then resume download, You'll see the download start at the point where it had stopped in Chrome.

Using Firefox

Firefox browser can pick up right where you left off. Firefox, as we will be using Firefox download manager to resume the failed download in Google Chrome. Let's found solution to resume download using Firefox.

  1. Copy the download URL from Chrome, then paste it into Firefox.
  2. As the download starts in Firefox, pause it, and navigate to the folder where you're downloading the Firefox file.
  3. Rename failed Download, change the file's extension from CRDOWNLOAD to PART, so that your file name is now same as Firefox download file name.
  4. Replace the paused file.
  5. Resume download. Instead of downloading fresh, Firefox will resume download from where Chrome left off.

When the download is resumed, Firefox or WGet will pick up where Chrome left off saving you lots of time and some bandwidth.

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