Most disturbing things on Internet

Most disturbing things on Internet

On the Internet, there are lots of videos of people actually dying/getting murdered/etc. Lots of stuff from third world countries in there. A while back a bunch of people disguised links to it on random subreddits as seemingly decent contents and tricked quite a few people into seeing some disturbing stuff. That's probably the worst it gets.

Was the internet created to show disturbing contents?

Don’t think it was created for that.

The internet was primarily used as a way for researchers to share information.

But, sadly, the world is full of grubby unsocialistic who quickly found out how to use that service to upload photos and videos of politicians shooting themselves in the head, women being savagely fucked by horses and a bunch of other totally family-friendly stuff.

We are here not encouraging them. We just want to aware you about the Internet. There have that kinds of stuff on the Internet which may disturb you. Most of the people say it should be restricted, though some say not to be; who believe that the Internet is a place for people to upload what they want to upload.

So, here are some contains that explain as the most disturbing things on the Internet.

  • 3 Guys 1 Hammer. 3 murderers that despicably killed a poor guy in a forest. Actually watched this like for 15 seconds, and almost punched the screen. Luckily the criminals are imprisoned as far as know.

  • La Reina del Arroz con Pollo (sexually abused and tortured convict by inmates).

  • A certain kind of movies that are far from being popular, that usually take gore and violence to the extreme, to the point of being banned in some countries (especially in India and orthodox regions, whichever religion may predominate).

  • Thanatomorphose (Seen it… disgusting, but it is some kind of metaphor for the decay of the human mind after doing hard drugs).

  • A video named “Blank Room Soup” from the so-called Deep Web was uploaded in 2008. What's so creepy about the short footage is that no one knows who shot this video or what the purpose was despite several theories.

  • A Serbian movie (Pretty popular, pretty sinister too).

  • The most horrifying would be the ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive. It was really hard to watch, harder to watch as it was an innocent guy being burnt alive. They burn him alive and it shows that his jaws fall off, melting his skin away, he gets to his knees and dies off, his body rises a bit after death, because of the flames cooking up his flesh and muscles. It was horrible and regretted to watching.

  • A very disturbing video to see is of a guy, who's known as the "Björk stalker”, for a freaky reason he wanted to kill a girl name Björk, an Icelandic singer because he was obsessed with her and got engaged with the fact that she was in a relationship. He made a video himself about planning to kill her, for over a course of 9 months, he then finally builds a letter bomb and send it to her (Björk) residence and video himself commit suicide with a gunshot inside his mouth facing the upwards.

  • It was called “chechclear” and was a segment from a 16+ min video taken by Chechen soldiers who ambush a small group of Russian conscripts and proceed to kill the 6 they catch as POWs.

  • A girl took a shit in an ice cream thing and her friend ate it.

  • A guy was talking about how he killed someone and said he would give the location of the body if they guessed their post number.

  • The video of a guy who dives into the sea, and as he jumps the first hits the pavement with his face only then getting into the water. People started screaming as he failed the dive and minutes later the sea turned completely red from the blood. But wait, it gets worse. He is recovered from the sea and taken to the hospital. His face completely severed in half, and the doctors are trying to put his face back together, while he is still breathing.

  • A man bathing in shit and semen. Don't watch it, otherwise, you will regret it.

  • An Australian child pornographer Peter Scully's videos would basically be an admission of committing a crime. What is clear is that "Daisy's Destruction" (sometimes called "The Destruction of Daisy") are extreme and brutal videos, available only in the darkest corners of the deep web, featuring children as young as two years old being tortured, assaulted, and in some cases, murdered by Scully and various accomplices. Scully is now in prison and his utterly sickening videos are now the property of the FBI, so it's safe to assume most of the finer details still available are mere rumor. Still, the very fact these videos exist in the place is enough to churn your stomach.

  • If you know about GamerGate, you're probably all too familiar with the term "doxing," a process of temporarily making certain individuals' personal information (home address, phone number, email, etc.) available in order to harass them. As part of GamerGate, sexist gamers targeted women in the video game industry for this kind of harassment.

  • You've likely heard about 8chan, the forum and message board site where "anything goes," more or less. The Baphomet subboard is the place where most doxing takes place, as it is seated within the darknet, and thus harder to trace. Users of the sub-board go one step further by posting the personal information for a brief period of time, then deleting it. This allows those in the know to obtain the information anonymously and use it instigate vicious attacks.

  • Cruel Onion Wiki, it's a dark web site that features scantily-clad or semi-nude women crushing and killing small animals - including kittens - under their feet. Animal cruelty laws prevent such sites from operating above the radar, and the Cruel Onion Wiki has been shut down on a few occasions. However, much like the rest of the darknet, the site always manages to resurface under a different name or URL.

  • Pink Meth, is the site had nothing to do with drugs. It was a market mainly for men, whereby they could sell nude photos of their exes for a hefty sum. Pink Meth then posted these photos, alongside the women's names, home addresses, phone numbers, and any other information the operators could dig up. Then, a ransom on the content was delivered to the victim - pay up to have the photo removed, or let the whole of the dark web have access to your personal information, including your nude photos.

  • Violent Desires is purported to still exist as of 2016, pretty much describes what you might find there: people sharing their most gruesome and brutal desires. Perhaps the most infamous example is a post written by an anonymous doctor who offered to "manufacture" living child sex dolls through a combination of human torture, experimentation, and body modification.

  • Red Room is a live feed of people being tortured and killed in highly perverse ways. Some even speculate that, for a price, you can act as the "director" of the red room, and tell the torturer exactly what to do to the victim.

  • Cicada 3301, it's a group that hosts an annual, Internet-based puzzle that involves mystery telephone numbers, voice messages, and GPS coordinates, and dips into the dark web via the Tor network. There isn't enough room here to go into the intricacies of the puzzle.

Lastly, say that we do not recommend to watch or face these terrible pieces of stuff, maybe some of these could create some serious problem for you. DO NOT DO THIS. Seriously. There are things in there you really, really don’t want to see. If you do, it will for sure haunt your dreams. There is a possibility you couldn’t sleep for ages.