Fri Sep 02 2016

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account

Step1: Profile Picture

First Thing we see about any Facebook account is their Profile Picture, If you Find any Facebook Account on your Friend-list suspicious, First thing you will do is Use Reverse Image Search. This helps you find out if Similar Pictures are available on Internet. First Download the Profile Picture of the account you find suspicious. Go to Google images Click on Camera icon which says Search by image, Click on Upload an Image, now choose the Picture you had downloaded earlier , Now once the uploading Completes, Google will show you Similar Images that already exist over internet.

Step2: Timeline

The Facebook timeline of a Facebook accounts says a lot about that Profile. Most Fake Profiles have Female as a gender, this doesn't Mean all Facebook accounts with Female Genders are Fake, There are many other things to Identify Fake Facebook Account. If their photos folder shows only 1 or 2 Pictures that too of random Celebrities then probably its fake. If the Person does not update Status, or if he does, the Comments does not read like his Real friends or the profile does not comments on others status,then its likely to be a Fake profile. The About tab will Give you More information about the Profile, if the About tab don't show you any info about the persons profile then that's an indication about fake profile.

Step3: Wait for 1st January

This is kind of Funny, Why Would one Wait for 1st Jan to Identify Fake Facebook Account, Well Fake Profile Makers Most Probably Enter 1st Jan as their birth date while creating Fake account. So on 1st Jan, Facebook will Show you People who have birthdays today. Go through that list and Unfriend them if you don't know them Personally.

Step4: Girls Profile

Most of the Fake profiles are created with Girl Identity and with a Beautiful face as a Profile Picture, You may even find Cell phone Number, Girls Hardly will Share their Contact number in Public. A girl Profile with Lots of Friends and Followers indicates a Fake Profile.

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