Top 11 hidden tricks of Google search

Top 11 hidden tricks of Google search

Google is the most popular search engine and most visited page in the world. On average, you visit Google more than 5 times a day. But do you know, you can use Google search for fun?? There have lot of hidden tricks of Google search.

Here is the Top 10 hidden tricks of Google Search -

1. Roll a die - this search will roll a die and give you a result as per laws of probability.

2. Flip a coin - Google will toss a coin for you and make a decision for you.

3. Zerg rush - Google's O will eat your search result. You can even kill them buy clicking on them. Currently Greenwich world record is 136. Give a try and beat the world record.

4. Atari breakout - After hit the search button, click on the images tab. Then, you can you destroy the bricks using digital ball.

5. Google pacman - You can play pacman game inside the Google logo.

6. Google gravity - hit I'm Feelling Lucky button, whole Google page will be break down and you can bounce all the stuffs using your mouse.

7. Askew - Google search result page will be slightly tilted.

8. Do a barrel roll - Whole Google page will be roll once.

9. your favorite celebrity name becon number - Google will show you, your favorite celebrity and their connections.

10. Google orbit - hit I'm Feelling Lucky button, whole Google page will spin as per your mouse movement. Even you can click on the links.

11. Google in 1998 - You can see how Google looks in 1998.

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