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Top 6 Technologies that helping the iOS Game Development industry

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Top 6 Technologies that helping the iOS Game Development industry

The iOS mobile game market is huge because of its growth. Apple’s iPhone and their other hand-held devices are in competition with one another. As such, the number of people and apps for their other devices, such as iPods and iPads, is also increasing. It is a result of this growth that a game genre developed for the iPhone has been expanding and becoming extremely popular.

Here are 6 technologies that are helping with iPhone Game Development.

Cloud Integration

Cloud-based storage in general and Apple Inc.'s iCloud platform, in particular, help to organize well and store a great deal of information that had limitations before. Apart from managing the storage of data for iOS-based games, the iCloud platform also effectively manages complicated tasks for them as well. The cloud-based gaming apps in the iOS ecosystem have enhanced professionalism and efficacy alike. The requirement for constant upgrades and constant updates reduced costs.

Game development and IoT

The internet of things or IoT is creating networks that encompass computing devices, digital devices, and mechanical devices. These gadgets and devices can transfer large quantities of data instantaneously across the Internet. This could enable online gaming and connect players to their devices. On the platform, there is a gap between the physical player and the computer or device. With the Internet of Things, that physical gap is bridged.

In the future, we will expect people to interact with each other and with businesses through the Internet of Things (IoT). A common use for this technology will be to make video games “sticky,” thus keeping them free to play. A second application of video games in future will be a social network-like capability by which different game players interact.

Players will use their mobile devices to engage in a game with other users, for example, by playing in-game with each other with their smartphones or using the virtual currency generated by the game against each other.

Augmented Reality

The company IKEA has launched two apps: IKEA Place, which offers shopping in a new format, and IKEA AR Studio which helps customers design their own apps. The market for AR-related applications and games grows every year. Game developers can produce and develop interactive AR-enabled (artificial reality) games (for example ARKIT3, RealityKit Framework, and Reality Composer from Apple) to address the new opportunities brought about by AR technology. Some examples of AR-enabled games with apps on Apple’s iPhone include Hot Lava, Zombies, The Machines, and Zombie Gunship.

Have a good, solid security policy

In iOS 12, game developers can use App Transport Security (ATS) to strengthen application security. This will keep important information private and will help ensure the integrity of data while apps make connections to web services and services.


iBeacon makes use of Bluetooth technology, which is low-energy to transfer wireless signals to the devices nearby. A beacon signal is sent from iBeacon, and then iBeacon enables its user’s phone or device to recognize this signal.

iBeacons, which enable location-based games can be embedded in the vests so that gamers can play games right away based on their location. Such games let them know about special deals, preferred goods, things at their nearest stores using iBeacons.

This is regarded as an amazing gaming technology that can be used for different purposes such as playing sports, finding out when deals are available, and showing products, restaurants, and attractions in malls.


Nowadays, people can use their handheld devices to create a variety of useful applications that are compatible with iOS mobile applications. Wearable technology like Apple watches and Airpods have come into being as a result of the cooperation between Apple products and other items. Games like Apple’s Zombies, Run! and The Walk has become popular.

Games that combine fitness and social media features like Zombies, Run!, with Apple Watch and are expected to become an important part of the iPhone Game Development industry in the next decade. Apple watches and other wearable devices enable users to have convenient reminders, to provide data about activity and fitness levels, and to receive notifications.

With the rise of push notifications and connectivity with social media, the iPhone Game Development industry is expected to be benefited
Based on the above, the iOS game development industry is now transformed and can be further reshaped by the new advances in gaming and hardware technologies. Going forward, the focus of iOS game companies should be improving the security, user experience, and entertainment quotient of their games for futuristic devices.

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