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  • Hashtag in social media

    Today, most of the people are familiar with hashtags. A hashtag or the symbol “#” as it is more commonly known has become an integral part of social media. Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, Faceb...

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  • History of online communication

    Communication is involved in everything we do each and every single day of our lives. Whether we use the way of body language, vocalizing, sign or by written words. Communication is a vital part of th...

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  • Things you shouldn’t do online

    We all know that the internet has a lot of positive uses. the internet provides a platform for numerous worthy causes, such as raising awareness, supporting charities, and empowering women. It is a to...

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  • Networking Tips in the Digital Age

    Creating meaningful and useful contacts has always been an integral requirement of good business. With more and more companies operating online, the networking that once took place at conferences and ...

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  • Best Facebook alternatives for 2018

    Today, privacy and data protection become the most important factors when choosing to use any social media. Because, most recent Facebook data privacy scandal elaborates how Facebook had collected the...

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