How schema markup help website SEO ranking?

schema markup help website SEO ranking

Schema Markup is one of the latest optimization changes on the SEO frontier. This is the latest form of optimization methods that has the most powerful forms of SEO.

Schema markup can lead to rich snippets, which will give you an instant boost to your organic search traffic. It's a type of semantic vocabulary, or coding, that will be included on a website to allow the search engines to provide more informative results for those looking for the page.

Schema clarifies to the search engines what your page is about. Later, search engines can interpret this information available on your web page so they can display relevant results to users based on search queries. A search engine shows the results with social media icons, tweets, basic info and reviews in its searches.

Schema markups make your page looks more attractive, informative and engaging in SERPS with snippets and images. A user is more likely to click such results. This is why websites having schema markup have a possibility to rank better than those without markup.

Types of Schema markup

Organizational Schema

Organizational schema markup is used for organizations like school, NGO, company, club, etc. It allows you to add a logo, social profile links, and basic information about your organization.

Website Schema

Website Schema markup is used to show Search Box Feature in SERPs along with a site name.

Breadcrumbs Schema

Breadcrumbs markup helps you create the breadcrumbs on your site to generate breadcrumb rich snippets. These breadcrumbs make it easy for users to trace the various categories given in a link. In this way, it helps users to find the current location within the site, based on hierarchy, user trail or both.

Site Navigation Schema

It's used to make a search engine aware of your site structure and navigation. Simply, the markup shows the categories like About Us, Our Services, Contact, and Our Locations in SERPs.

Video Schema

Video Schema markup will appear in SERPs with small tiny videos next to your results. The videos can be embedded or hosted video content. It will make your page stand out in the sea of search results.

Product and Offer Schema

These markups are widely used for e-commerce sites. They are used together to show product information like price, status information, and availability in Google SERPs.

Rating Schema

The schema is used for local business sites like a restaurant to show user’s ratings. To show the multiple ratings on a product, you can use the Aggregate Rating schema.

Schema Article

It helps your content appear in Google News and article search suggestions. You can choose NewsArticle or Blog Posting schemas, depending on your content. The required properties for Schema article markup are headline, image, and Date published.

Local Business Schema

This is useful for your local listings, especially for the physical stores or locations. The schema allows you to add a physical address, business hours, and payment types.

Schema Person

This schema provides information about the individual in which you can showcase the date of birth, about family, social media icons, etc.

Same As Schema

This Schema is used to show the social media profiles of a person or organization in search results.

Schema Markup works as a virtual business card

Schema Markup actually guides the search engines what your data exactly means beyond what it says. Your content will be indexed and displayed in the search results, but with the schema markup, some of their information is returned in a unique way. You will not need to learn any new coding languages as the web pages using markup can function through regular HTML, the big change will be the pieces of vocabulary found sprinkled throughout your HTML.

When a website has been properly set up with the Schema Markup in place, the user will get a glance view of the website features right in the SERPs. They will see what the website is all about, what they do, what they have done and more information like how much stuff costs etc.

Then it allows the search engines to provide more meaningful results and useful information to its users. This is exactly what schema is all about. Schema Markup helps increase your website ranking when done properly.

Let's see - why it's important for SEO?

  • Firstly, it is a feature that is gaining ground and Google officially stated that it may be something that will go into the ranking algorithm in the near future. So, you will also prepare your website for future SEO.

  • Structured data enhances your website’s presence on the SERPS with rich snippets. This means that your entry in Google search results will be more attractive and informative than others and this will lead to better CTR (click-through rates) and more visits to your website.

  • With structured data, you can give search engines more information about your local business including the address and contact information. In conjunction with a proper Google my business entry it can boost your local SEO.

  • The accelerated mobile pages technology rely heavily on structured data for some of their advanced features.

  • The Google knowledge graph is the ‘information box’ that appears on the right of the search results when you search for a question, known brand or popular person.

  • When setting up shopping campaigns on ad words, you need to have microdata on your product landing pages so that Google can verify the data submitted in your shopping feed. Without microdata, it's very likely that your shopping campaigns will not be optimized.

  • This technology increases your chances of getting an entry in Google answers.

  • With schema markup, you can show the ratings of your business or services, and it is an evaluation on a numeric scale, like 1 to 5 stars.

  • With a markup, search engines understand your business type and offerings.

  • It's useful to promote events directly in search results for local queries like “events near me”. Your business pops up in the search results with information about the venue, performers and ticket sellers.

  • You can display business details in SERPs, like logos, contact numbers, customer care, social media accounts, blogs, and founders.

  • If your business has various names or you have changed a name, your Schema will let the search engine know about that.


So this is all about how Schema markup can enhance your SEO. Schema Markup is an important SEO innovation. It's a way to make it easier for search engines to find and display your page in an engaging way, which in turns boost its visibility. It is surprising to see how few businesses and websites have begun using this advantageous method. Implementing this new trend in SEO now will give you a leg up in the future as the rest of the competition begins to apply markup to their websites as well.


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