Languages you should learn to become a web developer

Languages you should learn to become a web developer

After starting the digital era and World Wide Web, everyone starts gathering on the Internet. From a multi-national company to a local business all are wanted promote their business online. This new era creates a new job, which is known as a web developer.

Today, the web developer is one of the demanding job designation worldwide. From beginner to expert all developer/programmer wants to try their hand as a web developer. But, everyone is struggling to become a web developer from a desktop application developer to a new newbie programmer. As coding is same but there is much more feature which you have to learn for developing a web application.

There have many languages in web platform. That's why many developers try to learn many languages. It is good to learn, but we can be expert in one programming language. Before starting to learn any programming language for web development, you have to know that, there have two different sections of web development.

1. Front end development

Some time it also known as web designing. In this section you need to create the visual part of your website or web application. The web front end is part of your website where visitors or end users are going to interact with your web application.

To become a web designer or a web UI programmer, you need to know -

  • HTML - for creating web page structure.
  • CSS - for adding rich graphical environment.
  • Sass - for advance UI design by writing less code.
  • JavaScript - for adding client side functions like basic calculation, click event, drag and drop, animations etc.
  • AngularJs - for creating martial UI design and advance client side event handling.
  • JQuery - for creating rich animation in web page.

2. Back end development

The back end is the server side part of a website or web application. In this section you need to create the core functionalities, such as database connection, user authentication, sending email, managing resources, etc. To become a back end developer you just need to learn only one mentioned language. But all the languages are coming with many different features, flexibility, security and speed.

You need to choose the suitable one for your project.

When you want to create a website for e-commerce, blog or any other resources management system, then you need to add a storage section in your backend. Like:


Getting started with web development, there are so many things to learn and you have so many different options for languages, frameworks, and open source projects to choose. But day by day, web technologies becoming smarter. Now you can create your website or blog without knowing any language with the help you Wordpress, Drupal like CMS platform. But demand of a hard core developers is still rising.

Good luck!

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