Mon Jan 15 2018

Top 10 most popular IOS games of all time

Top 10 most popular IOS games of all time

Gaming on the iPhone has come a long way. From the early days of the App Store, when game developers first began experimenting with what games on a multi-touch screen should like, to today, when the most popular titles can rake in billions. You've got yourself an iPhone and you want to play some games on it. You might not want to just plunge into the App Store. it's a jungle, full of deadly spiders, wild animals, and bad games. Here, let us help you. This list is a look at most popular iPhone games of all time -

10. Words with Friends

It might be a Scrabble clone, but it brought Scrabble like wordplay to mobile devices long before the official version got there. The cool thing about Words With Friends is the way it pairs people together for turn-based games.

9. Temple Run

A few iPhone games had flirted with the endless-runner idea prior to Temple Run games where you'd move forward until your reflexes failed you but the 2011 hit succeeded in making it a mobile staple. The top-down view of a person who must escape nightmarish monsters chasing him over every type of twisty, fantastic terrain was very compelling.

8. Angry Birds

The simple idea of slingshotting disgruntled avians towards teetering towers of bricks, stones and pigs was the perfect fit for touch controls. It was helped along by challenging yet easy-to-play levels that could be attempted and re-attempted in a minute.

7. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

When Kim Kardashian: Hollywood launched in June 2014, many perceived it as a joke. But the app quickly climbed the download charts.

6. Clash of Clans

As mobile games became ubiquitous, it was soon apparent how social they were. Clash of Clans brought more complex gameplay to the iPhone audience when it took off in 2012. Players needed to build their own bases over time, allying with clans of others to fend off attacks from friends and strangers that could come at any time.

5. Dots

Dots burst onto the app scene in 2013 with all the right ingredients for incredibly addictive gameplay. The game, which challenged you to connect as many colored dots in as little time as possible, was instantly lauded for its simplicity and entertainment value.

4. Threes

Sirvo's absurdly successful puzzle game of sliding tiles operates on a simple premise - Create ever-higher multiples of three by adding 1's and 2's together to create you guessed it 3's, then combine like tiles to double their number.

3. Cut the Rope

It seems a huge part of what makes a game successful is how memorable its characters are. The green alien Om Nom of Cut the Rope helped stick the game into players minds, but it was the fantastic mechanics that kept them coming back.

2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja was one of those early mobile games that really leveraged the strengths of the iPhone namely, the touchscreen to deliver an experience that wouldn't really work anywhere else.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Released in November 2012, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular iPhone games ever made. The match-three game started its life on Facebook but really found a following after coming to the iPhone.

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